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FTE Small - Car music



Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 10:53:56 -0500
From: Robert Craven Jr (nospam)
Subject: FTE Small - Car music

I have recently purchased two cars for my wive and myself. Mine is a
(1984) Nissan 300ZX and hers is a 1991 Explorer.

I am going to upgrade the sound system in both of these cars. For both
of these cars I am going to start with better sppeakers in the stock
locations. The reason is that the differences in the electronics in a
system are less audible than differences in speakers. For the most
improvement for the money get new speakers. The frequency response and
total harmonic distortion of the average amplifier is better than my 43
year old ears can detect.

But the difference in frequency response and THD of a good set of
speakers is easily heard vs. a poor set of speakers. Furthermore the
higher efficiency of a good speaker can reduce the need for a more
powerful amplifier.

Here is something I want to ask the group. I want to stay with
cassette playing head units when I do change them. My reasoning is that
in a car, the background noise is higher than the tape hiss and
eliminates the main advantage of CD's over cassettes. Also mostly I
play a whole cassette all of the way through on trips and do not need to
skip around tracks. When I'm driving I feel I should pay attention to
the road and not be messing with the programming on a CD.

A further argument in favor of cassettes in a car is that I can purchase
a CD, dub it to a tape for the car and if the tape is damaged (hot sun)
or stolen I can replace it easily.

I have never had a CD player in a car and there may be advantages that I
am not thinking about.

What do you think?

Bobby Craven
Denton, NC
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