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FTE Small - Question for Tim Turner
Re: FTE Small - Well, 99,013 miles and... (use to be "die in 1st and 2nd gear")
FTE Small - A4LD trans problem on a B2
FTE Small - Bronco 2 windshield trim
FTE Small - Air Filter
FTE Small - ADMIN: New chat



Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 10:41:15 -0500
From: "Anthony Rifici"
Subject: FTE Small - Question for Tim Turner

I posted about this before you were around the list and didn't get any
good suggestions, so I thought I would ask you.
My '94 Ranger, 4.0L, 5-Speed, 51,000 mile has had an annoying little
problem since I bought it with 29,000 miles. When the truck is up to
temperature and shut off, then restarted before it cools down, it seems to
idle rough. For example, I work 45 miles from where I live, say I left work
and stopped at a store near my apartment and stay there for 5-10min. When I
restart the truck, it runs choppy until it gets all the way back up to
temperature. It sounds and feels choppy, the tach doesn't register any
fluctuation. Although this is the same tach that only updated every 500 RPM
and then magically fixed itself. Anyway, once it is up to temperature it
runs fine. I think this condition probably exists when it is started cold,
but I cannot tell when it fast idles.
The check engine light has never come on. I have tried to see if there
are any codes stored, but didn't have any luck getting it to flash me the
codes via the check engine light even though I followed the instructions to
the letter.

Thanks for any insight you might have,

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Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 15:05:36 -0500
From: "Bill"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Well, 99,013 miles and... (use to be "die in 1st and 2nd gear")

It doesn't matter anymore...
You were towed by one of those, those, things...
Oh, the humanity...
Sell the truck, you'll never be able to sit up straight in it again.


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From: Robert Fox
Sent: Friday, December 04, 1998 9:53 PM
Subject: FTE Small - Well, 99,013 miles and... (use to be "die in 1st and
2nd gear")

> truck is towed for the first time, EVER! And it was pulled by a
>(sobbing) Chebby. Well at least I know what the problem is with my truck.
>:) Turns out its going to be the fuel pump. When I broke down I tried
>and tried to get it to start again, but it would never start. So I called
>a wrecker and waited; and waited.... ...and waited. While waiting I
>noticed that the fuel pressure gauge on my fuel rail was at 20 pounds.
>Normally when I turn the key, its at 30 pounds. As the fuel pressure
>dropped all the way down to zero, I tried top crank it one more time. The
>first thing I noticed was that I didn't hear the fuel pump. The second
>thing was it wouldn't crank (duh!). And third, I had absolutely no fuel
>pressure at all. (and yes, there is gas in tank. about 18 gallons) Okay,
>maybe a bad relay. I swapped relays on it and same result. I checked the
>fuel safety cut off reset switch, and it was fine. So that leaves 1) a
>very, very bad clogged fuel filter, or 2) failed fuel pump.
>How much money do fuel pumps run?
>Robert Fox
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Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 16:50:58 -0500
From: Harry Trafford
Subject: FTE Small - A4LD trans problem on a B2

Hi. I'm new to this list, but have been on a couple of other
auto enthusiast lists for years.
I just bought a 2WD 1990 Bronco 2 that had a transmission
problem. The former owner was driving back from a short trip,
when there was a very bad driveline shake. He pulled off the
road and noticed a trail of ATF behind him. It seems the A4
auto tranny had spun the tailshaft bushing and rear seal.

He had the Bronco trailered home and checked out. He decided
it was time for a new vehicle, and sold it to me. Up to this
point, there weren't any tranny problems he ever noticed. I
removed the pan last night and the fluid was clean and red. I
ordered a new tailshaft, bushing and seal, in hopes that he
stopped before any additional damage was done. A rebuilt unit
from Ford is $1140 + $450 core charge.

Is this type of problem a common occurrence with this 4 speed
auto, or was it just bad luck? The PO only used it for daily
transportation. No towing, no off-roading. Any info or
suggestions about this transmission appreciated.
I have other little problems I need guidance with, but I'll
post them separately.

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Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 17:06:35 -0500
From: Harry Trafford
Subject: FTE Small - Bronco 2 windshield trim

My newly purchased 1990 B2 has a leaking windshield, making
the interior wetter than a humidity chamber. I see that the
metal trim is rather flat, but I don't know how to get it off
without ruining it. Before I go hacking at it, maybe someone
could tell me the proper procedure and tool, if any, to
remove and replace this trim.

Additionally, I may also need to replace the rear side window
and tailgate window rubber gaskets. Am I at the mercy of the
Ford dealer to get this new rubber, or is there a supplier
out there with honest pricing?


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Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 17:39:12 PST
From: "Joe Mitchell"
Subject: FTE Small - Air Filter

Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but on a 91 Ranger, is it as complicated to
replace my air filter as it looks? On my friends '86 Taurus w/ a V6, he
simply flips two switch-type holders, and the cover tilts to replace the
filter. On my Ranger, there seems to be about 10 screws, a few wires,
and a few more things running into the air system where I need to get to
the filter. Am I looking at the wrong spot (by the battery, where the
hose starts, and there's a sign on the cover that says "air flow -->",
with the arrow pointing towards the hose) or what? Any help
- --
- --
I'd push a Ford before I drove a Chevy, but I don't need to.
- --

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Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 00:53:02 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Small - ADMIN: New chat

There's a new chat server up. This is experimental and
there are no promises that we'll keep this chat server.

This chat server has the following features:

1. Lightning fast (it came with C++ source code so I
tweaked it even more)

2. Security. Requires you to register a valid email
address in order to use it (hotmail, yahoo, juno etc.
are blocked). A password is emailed to you that
you can use indefinately. Sorry about the blocked
addresses, but this is to prevent someone from
getting an email address, harassing someone on chat
and disappearing without a trace.

This server has a logging feature that will soon
be enabled. This feature allows any user to tattle
on another user for obscene language, threats, etc.
This feature immediately logs the users email address,
nickname and ip, along with the offending text and
emails it to the admin (me).

3. Stable (so far). This server uses less than 300k of
RAM. We'll find out if its as good under load. Its
been running for 8 hours in my tests without any

4. High load capability with little server resource
usage. Right now I have it set for a maximum of 50
users at once. I can turn the limit up to 5000.

5. Ability to send private messages

6. Multiple rooms (to be added)

7. Does **not** require Java. Right now only the Java
client is working. The telnet version is being tested
for those who don't have a Java capable browser.

8. Much more (I'm still learning!)

Enjoy, and please report any problems to:

Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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