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RE: FTE Small - 78 Courier Speedometer
FTE Small - Tach Problem
FTE Small - Cabin Air Filter
Re: FTE Small - Cabin Air Filter
FTE Small - Aerostar Defroster



Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 07:49:18 -0700
From: cassis
Subject: RE: FTE Small - 78 Courier Speedometer

That is how my 80' model was.

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From: Jay Mazzetta []
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 1998 10:46 PM
Subject: FTE Small - 78 Courier Speedometer

Hello, I have a question regarding the 1978 Ford Courier. How many
digits does the oedometer have? I believe it has 5 plus the tenths so
that it will only read 99,999.9 miles. Is this correct?



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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 09:08:10 -0500
From: Greg Davis
Subject: FTE Small - Tach Problem

I own a '91 Ranger XLT, 4 cyl. My tach stopped working and my check
engine light came on. The tach moves a little but it's not at all
accurate. I used a small diagnostic tester on the computer but all it
said was "Loss of tachometer signal". Any ideas on what I could check?

Greg Davis -
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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 09:38:25 -0700
From: Richard
Subject: FTE Small - Cabin Air Filter

Without making this a dissertation, I'd like to see some discussion
about this topic. Some cars these days actually have a replaceable
filter in the cabin air ductwork. I don't know any details, but you
might like to find out to get ideas. I bought some sheet 3M Filtrete
furnace filter material intending to make my own pre-filters, but
noticed that the stuff tends to shred and fluff-up when cut -- not what
we need to breathe! Filtrete. Although it's not as effective as HEPA
media, filtrete is a decent contender and is used in some home air
cleaning machines.

The easiest way to filter the incoming (and interior) air is to use your
air conditioner. Crud in the air sticks to the moisture that the AC
extracts. It all runs out the drain tube when the AC cycles off.

Another possibility is to use a power converter and run a small
household air cleaning macine inside the vehicle (such as the smallest
ones from Bionaire). Units that use a HEPA filter are effective, but
the filters are costly. My favorites are Electrostatic Precipitators,
that put a positive charge on all the particles that pass through the
machine. The positively-charged particles then stick to the
negatively-charged plates. Drawback: cleaning the plates is time
consuming. Most home air cleaners use a disposable charcoal or other
odor filter, or a fancier "gas and odor filter." This may do the job
for you. Large ones for their home electrostatic precipitator machines
are available at Sears. You may be able to cut them down.

There are car air cleaners on the market, but I doubt that they work.
You may be able to find a small Pollenex electrostatic/ionizer car
unit. These have been closed out lately in my region for $5. The test
out electrically, but the collector plates seem awfully small. The
ionizer part is super-beefy, but I'm not sure that you even want an
ionizer in a vehicle: lots of crud may settle out on the window glass,
setting firmly because of the electrostatic attraction.

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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 13:23:12 -0400
From: "Russ Parker"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Cabin Air Filter

Being that I am in the vacuum cleaner business I deal with dust and
filtration on a daily basis. From our own testing on a flow bench and a
particle counter I can tell you 3M Filtrete is a better choice than HEPA.
HEPA equipped machines leak as many if not more particulate than filtrete.
Filtrete is far less restrictive, Much cheaper, and alot more flexible to
work with. Your local Vac store should be able to hook you up with either
type. The cheapest HEPA filter will be the one that fits Eureka Victory
model machines. Should be $14.95 for a 3X5" Cartridge. Filtrete is only used
in two vacuums right now. Simplicity and Bissell. Bissell parts are
notoriously junk and I would suspect anything with their logo on it.
Simplicity filters should be around $12.95 for either 2 4X6" filters or 4
2X4" filters. Another source for good filter media would be the Microfresh
filters from Royal. They come in various shapes and sizes and should be less
than 5 bucks for any of them.

These filters are for dust though. I believe the original poster was
concerned with fumes. The only way to battle fumes is with proper

- -Russ

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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 20:06:53 -0700
From: Richard
Subject: FTE Small - Aerostar Defroster

Regarding the Aerostar defroster problem posted a couple of days ago:

Thanks for this.

It seems that in my '92 Aerostar, all those air doors work poorly. Air
always leaks everywhere it isn't wanted. Just enough air leaks to be a
pain in the a??. For instance, yes, the defroster is lousy. And when
the heat is engaged, a bit comes out of the vents, just enough to make
my head nice and hot, and more comes out of the defroster vents, to add
to my hotheadedness. Other manufacturers provide fresh cool air from
the face vents when you run the heat. Not Ford, who wants us to get
nice and cozy and fall asleep while driving in the winter.

A good, easy fix for this problem would be very welcome.

Having gotten this off my chest, some questions:

1. Was this an aftermarket part? What did it cost and where did you get
2. How did you do the job.

gschaub wrote:
> I have a 90 Aerostar which had a similar problem. I had to replace a "door"
> in the heater duct which had deformed and wouldn't move far enough to let
> the air flow properly to the defroster. I replaced it myself after having
> the coolant and thermostat changed at a local radiator shop.

> replacement part did seem sturdier than the old part and all has worked well
> since.

> nospam wrote in message ...
> >Have an 1989 Aerostar. Just took into the dealership for having low
> airflow
> >through the defroster. They said it check out to factory specs. Said all
> >aerostars have bad / lousy air flow through the defroster. They did say
> >there was some 3rd party aftermarket parts that can be obtained to improve
> >the air flow.


> >Eric
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