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FTE Small - 1" front lift springs for sale
FTE Small - Bronco II and Trailer
FTE Small - Re: New '98 Ranger Questions



Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 21:19:05 -0700
From: "Kenneth C. St.John"
Subject: FTE Small - 1" front lift springs for sale

I just put a 3" lift kit (Rough Country) on my '91 Explorer. That was
quite the two day ordeal but it was well worth it.
I had originally replaced the factory front coil springs with 1" progressive

lift springs ($200). Therefore, I am selling this set for $100. If anyone
is interested, please contact me via e-mail:


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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 20:48:48 -0700
From: "Keith Christensen"
Subject: FTE Small - Bronco II and Trailer

After reading much of the other posts on this, here's my 2 zlotzies:

I don't tow often, but I have a utility trailer made from a Ranger 4wd SWB
frame and bed that (rough guess) weighs about 700 #. I have put enough rock
in it to push the springs down to have about 4 inches of clearance between
axle and the stops. No scales available on that haul, but I would guess
again at about 1700-2000# in the trailer, for a total of 3700#. It was not
the most enjoyable drive, but it was acceptable. I didn't do much over 60
on the flats, and was usually down into 3rd on the auto on any hill or
headwind. It would drop down to 45-50 on longer hills (figure 4% grade). I
didn't have any heating problems, but I already had a 3-row Modine HD
(Trip was about 100 miles, mostly freeway with about 20 miles of mountain
gravel roads, Seattle area)

I'm running the bumper itself (Ford rates it as a Class II), and no EQ. The
axles are 3.73's and I have the AO4LD 3(and OD)auto with the 2.9. I'm
running 215-15's on Dodge 7 3/4" rims.

Most of the time, I just use it for short hauls: trash to the dump, moving
furniture, etc. (I found that I had to have something to replace the pickup
I replaced with the 'lil Bronco, and this trailer magically appeared at a
garage sale!... but it begs for getting the dings out of the bed and a
matching paint job.)

If I did this more often, I would go a Class III receiver and EQ bars, and
figure out some way to put either electric drums on the Ranger axle, or go
with a kit I have seen to turn a master cylinder into a "surge" brake. (I
saw these about 10 years ago, so they may not be available now).

Towing the 1500# camper trailer should be fairly easy, but the best way to
find out would be to take it out for a short jaunt close to home to "iron
out the bugs" before taking it on long trips. Some folks find that towing
just doesn't feel right, no matter how good the tow itself works. What
wouldn't bother me might scare the crap out of you! It WILL sway
sometimes, it WILL take longer to stop, and it WILL cost you some mental

Keep an eye on the temp gauge, tire pressure, plan ahead on hills, don't
overreact with steering out of swaying, and get into the mindset that you
ain't gonna win races when towing.

I'd best warn folks that I learned how to overload vehicles on a farm where
we used to put 8 tons of hay on a "2 ton" truck year after year. Trick is
to go slow, and careful!

The trick of using lowrange with the hubs out is OK, but DON'T put your
foot in it, especially with a load! Things break very fast this way!...
rear ends, ujoints, axles, all them $wd items!
Keith Christensen
I am a Washington State resident! Spamming me is subject
to a $500 (or more) penalty. Complaints WILL be sent to:
your provider and the Wa. Attorney General's Office. Be
warned that I reserve the right to post any unsolicited
messages to public newsgroups as well!

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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:09:19 -0700
From: "Ulysses Samilo"
Subject: FTE Small - Re: New '98 Ranger Questions

>- - After driving for a while, when I come to a stop (at a light or in
> my garage). There is a different high-pitched noise that sounds
> like it's coming from the engine compartment. This one sounds

Have'nt heard this on my 98 but it sounds like the compressor for AC.

>- - Sometimes when slowly coming to a stop, right at the instant that
> the truck stops moving, I feel a 'thud' (thunk?

Daniel, Ken

I have this too. A hollow metallic thunk. Mine occurs sometimes when I
start from a stand still position and slightly gas it, and then quickly
accelerate. It also occurs when I have to suddenly brake and come to a
close sudden stop and then ease up to let the truck coast at a very low
speed (under 10 mph). As soon as I let off the gas it thunks. I took it
into the dealer but after wasting a day they looked at me with crossed eyes
and said "Duh, I dunno what you talking bout." Glad to hear I am not the
only one with this problem. Mind you I bought this truck in October 97 and
it did it from the beginning. I brought it in the week after I bought it.
It still makes that noise today but hasn't gotten any worse. My guess
would also be that it is in the differential. Let me know if any of you
get it fixed.

98 Ranger XLT 4X4
4.0 L V6
5 Speed Manual

Ulysses Samilo
High Speed Logic Design Engineer
Email: (wk)

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