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FTE Small - Stsarter Noise,,
FTE Small - Re; Knocking in front hub



Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 20:36:38 -0700
From: "Keith Christensen"
Subject: FTE Small - Stsarter Noise,,

*Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 13:49:33 -0500
*From: Mike Krause
*Subject: FTE Small - URGENT!!! *
*I recently posted a question on my starting problems on my '91 Explorer,
*but failed to get a reply. Now the problem has a new twist. Today when
*I started it up for the first time it sounded like something knocking
*and grinding near where the starter is. It's done it time and time
*again and I NEED HELP!!!! I recently replaced the started, but now I'm
*worried that it might be the flywheel or something associated with it.
*PLEASE, someone help me on this. I don't want to take it to some
*Jack$$ so he can rip me off and I need to save some money. Thanks to
*all those willing to help.
*Mike Krause

I'd look for a loose bolt ASAP. It's real easy to not get one tight when
work in tight quarters. Also, some starters are just noisier than others,
depending on teeth meshing.

Some ALWAYS sound like they grind.. Big Ford V8's like 390 FE series always
make big noises.

If the bolts are all snug, (and maybe not a loose heat shield... I'm not
with the Exploder's underalls.), and the starter doesn't seem to drag way
down on part of the crankover, I'd suspect that the new one is just

Have you listened to other similar Explorers? You could have just had a

(It's always a bitch to troubleshoot noise via Email....)
Keith Christensen
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Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 00:44:36 -0400
From: Andrew
Subject: FTE Small - Re; Knocking in front hub

I had a noise in my front end on my 4x4 '87 Ranger at 160k. I am
thankful a friend convinced me to look into it. It was the U-joints in the
axles. *All* were dry and a few had only rusty/dust for lube, no bearings
in sight. Now if I had used 4x4 for any length of time I could have broken
something at the least or had a disaster traveling down the road.


>From: "T.J. Spampinato"
>Subject: FTE Small - Knocking in front hub
>Hey has anyone ever heard of or had a problem with a clacking noise
>coming from thier front end when they make turns. I have had this
>problem since I bought the truck ('87 bronco II used) over 5 years ago.
>I think it is coming from the hub but everything still works great, and
>it only does it on right turns. It sort of sounds like a stone rolling
>around in a tin can, and it gets louder, the harder and faster I take a
>turn (offramps). This is really more of an annoying thing, so far the
>truck is running great(195,000mi.) and I did not have to do anything to
>it yet except regular maintanence.......

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