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FTE Small - SUV Rules the Road!
FTE Small - brakes
Re: FTE Small - brakes
Re: FTE Small - Re: Anti-SUV survey
FTE Small - '98 windstar- fill brake reservoir
Re: FTE Small - Re: Anti-SUV survey



Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 07:30:41 -0700
From: "Alan Heaberlin"
Subject: FTE Small - SUV Rules the Road!

OK troops, where I live I need 4WD. I own a 96 Explorer and an 86 Ranger
4WD. The peace of mind I get from knowing my wife is driving a vehicle which
will ALWAYS give her the edge is worth a few extra bucks in mileage and
upkeep. (Yes she knows how to drive it too)

>>>>>>>>I hope government laws force automakers to make these SUV's smaller
or GET
>>>>>>>>RID OF THEM and reverse the trend so I can get back into my old VW
Bug and
>>>>>>>>feel safe again. Until then I'll be forced to "conform" to todays
trends and
>>>>>>>>drive a ROAD HOG.

>>>>>>>>P.S.: BIG SUV's are NOT FUN TO DRIVE!!!

Now people that feel like this should should stay off the highways of
America and RIDE THE BUS!
This is a perfect example of someone who can't take responsibility for his
own life and expects the government to do it for him--and everybody else
too. That sucks!
If Al Gore gets elected in 2 years his crusade will be to outlaw the
internal combustion engine. Read his book "Earth in the Balance" it is scary
stuff. Start shopping for a really good bicycle 'cause that's how you will
be getting around if he makes it to the White House.

Come to the Mojave Desert...I'll be the one in the big red Explorer running
all those little pissy cars off the road and smoking a big cigar!
Buffalo Al
Buffalo Run Enterprises

"Law is a matter of statistical probability and truth is finally
a matter of whichever of the many geometries best suit your needs."
George Elliot

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Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 15:48:48 EDT
Subject: FTE Small - brakes

I have an '88 2.9L 4X4 S/C 5-speed Ranger w/29" tires(LT235 75 R15).I just
removed the right rear tire and found a leaking brake cylinder. The shoes are
covered with fluid and I was wondering if they are now junk or can they be
cleaned up? The shoes are cheap to replace but I am cheap also.

Another question, could my truck have a posi differential? With the rearend
off of the ground both wheels turn in the same direction when turned by hand.
It has the 7.5" stock rearend. Also when I tried to break loose the lug nuts
the wheel turns a little and the trans is in gear. I did make sure that the
drive shaft wasn't turning. Is the differential getting worn? It does have a
shudder when taking off from a stop that I thought was a clutch that needed
adjusting after the new engine was put in.

If the rearend is worn can an 8.8" from a later model Ranger be put in and are
they available in a 3.73 gear ratio?

Thanks in advance for any help. This list continues to be great Ken,thanks.
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Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 15:54:20 EDT
Subject: Re: FTE Small - brakes

i would not put them back on the truck becuse i have seen what brake fluid can
do to the pads the fluid will make the pads fall apart and they will also make
the brakes weeker than and cause you trouble int eh long run
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Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 22:12:12 -0400
From: "Thomas Moore"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Re: Anti-SUV survey

>Yes they are fun to drive! I will be trading my Taurus wagon in this fall

If you consider an Expedition (basically a 5,000 pound pickup truck with
rear seats) that leans like hell in turns, can't stop worth a damn and
having no road feel what so ever fun to drive then we obviously have
different opinions on what fun to drive is.

> You have your polluting,oil burning little excuse for a car
>and I will be right there to drive over it!

It's great to know I'm among friends here. I didn't buy my 87 Bronco to
"drive over people" like you apparently would like to. I drive defensively
and, like the Volvo crowd, have to protect myself from idoits that the
police don't catch driving oversized tanks recklessly or drunk.

>People like you always seem to need the government to force others to do
>you want them to and damn freedom of choice.

The government, thank god, is there to protect us from people excersizing
their freedom of choice to "drive over" people.

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Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 22:37:05 -0500
From: "Parker Brooks"
Subject: FTE Small - '98 windstar- fill brake reservoir

hey all,

have a '98 windstar, and an wondering how to you access the brake fluid
reservoir to refill?

any suggestions appreciated.
- --------------------------
Parker Brooks (St. Louis)
NLOC #42
'95 Flareside (nothings stock on it anymore) (PGP key on request)

"Drive it like you stole it!"

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Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 00:08:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: Diana Slyter
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Re: Anti-SUV survey

I shall be most happy to see more of your huge Expeditions and such on the
road as I have finally found a good use for them. While riding my 650cc.
motorcycle/ sidecar combination I normally have a top speed capability of
80 mph or so. I have learned to back off a bit when big SUVs pass, then
discretely tuck in a hundred feet astern and catch their draft. I can then
reduce my throttle setting considerably and watch my mpg improve above the
usual 30+ rate while the SUV continues to get its usual 10 mpg or so. The
SUVs brakes are so weak that there is no great hazard in following this
close. The SUV drivers seldom notice me, they seem to use the mirrors for
enroute personal grooming only. As they typically maintain a following
distance of 10 feet or so my 100 foot would cause them no alarm. As the
SUV actually has no more interior room than a compact station wagon their
roofs are frequently loaded with camping gear, etc. As these objects are
frequently secured with heavy duty string in a manner that would make a
teamster puke, it is advisable to follow loaded SUVs at a greater
distance. I do try to stay close enough though to be able to salvage any
useful lost SUV cargo before the next brain dead SUVer comes along and
proudly demolishes it.
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