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Re: FTE Small - Trick u-joints?



Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 00:20:24 -0500
From: Andrew
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Trick u-joints?

Sam H.,

Several times (4-5) I had my mechanic check for the U-joint like
sound in my '87 same as yours with 175k. He would put it up on the hoist
shake the rear shaft and then replace many other things, wheel bearings,
balance the wheels, exhaust hangers... well you get the idea. This went on
for two years. Finally one evening a friend, upon hearing this story,
grabbed a bright flash light crawled under the truck and informed me the
rear drive shaft joints were dry, one was broken. Later that week I
replaced all the U-joints. They were in fact almost all dry and several
were free of the bearings themselves, not good.
I guess it pays to look closely at a problem and not to just shake it.
Replace them all including the center/carrier. Remember, the bolts
must be heated to loosen them. I spent hours with a impact wrench, tiring
to do them cold and got only one bolt out. A small amount of hear helped
loosen the caps when I pressed them in my vise


>From: "S. HALL"
>Subject: FTE Small - Trick u-joints?
> Hello,
>Well, after many miles of problem free operation it seems my
>87' Ranger is having some problems... It makes a "thunk" when I
>start out at stop lights or stop signs. The funny thing is when I climb
>under it to check for play in the u-jionts there is none! It is an x-tra
>cab 4X4 if it makes any difference. .... Thanks for any help,
>1987 Ranger XLT Xtra cab 4X4
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