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Re: FTE Small - step bars
FTE Small - Oil & Filter Choice
FTE Small - Ranger Antilock Program
FTE Small - CA Get Together.
FTE Small - '97 4.0L Fuel Injectors
Re: FTE Small - Oil & Filter Choice
FTE Small - Transmission Question
FTE Small - Trick u-joints?
Re: FTE Small - Ranger Antilock Program



Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 07:57:53 -0500
From: "Dave Steelman"
Subject: Re: FTE Small - step bars

Randy wrote:

Good luck finding traction bars for this truck! I've
looked everywhere, but very little to show for it.

Have you loohked at James Duff traction bars? They have two versions of
their tractions bars and they told me the original style would fit on the
98's. They list them as "83 and up."

Web address:

Good luck and let us know how your search goes.


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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 08:45:52 -0700
From: "André E. Benguerel"
Subject: FTE Small - Oil & Filter Choice

Alan Wilson,

I use Valvoline All-Climate
5W30 in my Ranger and
Motorcraft oil filters. Using
other brands of oil WILL NOT
void the warranty as long as
they meet factory specs. (API,
SAE, etc..) Keep your records
in order so you can prove to
the dealer you have kept up on
your maintenance. If you want
to use other filters I would
recommend Fram, or Purolator.
I change my oil every 3000 to
3500 miles. Even though the
intervals are small, good oil
makes a difference in the long
run. Cheap oil leaves a lot of
deposits in the internals and
can lead to excessive wear and
heat. Buy the best oil you can

Andre E. Benguerel

1995 Ford Ranger 4 X4 SC
4.0L V6, OD Auto, Xlt

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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:28:36 -0500
From: Philip Crooke
Subject: FTE Small - Ranger Antilock Program

A week or so ago, I saw some messages about Ford sending 1998 Ranger 4x4
owners, who bought trucks manufactured between 3/5/98 and 5/12/98 at the
Edision or Twin Cities plants, $615 refund checks because the window
sticker stated that the truck had 4-wheel antilock brakes, but actually was
equipped with only rear antilock. Apparently, the sticker was for trucks
later manufactured that have 4-wheel antilock as standard equipment. I
have such a truck that was manufactured on March 17, 1998 and the stick
stated that it has 4-wheel antilock as standard equipment and even has a
$100 credit for ABS, yet the truck only has rear antilock. I called the
Ford Customer Service and they said that they never heard of the program.
This doesn't mean that it doesn't exist and I will check with the dealer.
However, I would like to hear from anyone who has received a refund and if
the refund included a program number.



| Philip S. Crooke Department of Mathematics |
| Professor of Mathematics Mathematics Building, Room 1515 |
| Professor of Education Nashville, TN 37240-0001 |
| (Peabody College) |
| Telephone: 615-322-6671 Fax: 615-343-0215 |
| WWW:

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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:45:46 -0700
From: Keith Srb
Subject: FTE Small - CA Get Together.

Greetings List Members,

This is a long overdue reminder of the Planned Get Together at Disney Land
in CA. The Get together was planned for October 3rd and 4th. A place and
time to meet has not been picked yet.

I was planning on attending this get together, until my place of employment
changed my plans with out asking me. Another words, I now have to work
that weekend and won't be able to make it.

For those of you planning to go, you might want to talk among yourselves
and try and pick a location and time to meet.

I apologize for not sending this reminder sooner.

Keith Srb

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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 14:01:19 -0600
From: Dave Armbruster
Subject: FTE Small - '97 4.0L Fuel Injectors

Hey all,

Story goes: Check engine light came on yesterday afternoon, but the truck
('97 Ranger XLT, 4.0L 5-speed auto, A/C, etc. 45K miles) didn't seem to be
running poorly most of the time. It would idle somewhat rough, but not
enough to feel a vibration or anything. The tach would bounce slightly
about 500 RPM to 700 RPM. Truth is, if the idiot light wasn't on, I would
not have thought anything wrong.

The only other time the check engine light came on was at about 35,500
miles, with similar very symptoms. The dealer said that the intake gasket
was pinched from the factory, causing an air leak and confusing the engine
controls. Seemed reasonable, and it was all replaced under warranty.

Well, I took it in this morning (to a different dealer, who had an opening
that quick) to have it checked out. He put it on the diagonostic computer,
it pointed him towards the #1 fuel injector. He had a graph to show that
the #1 was considerably lower in flow than the other 5. I paid them the
$81 for the tests and let it at that.


Does this sound reasonable? At first, I believed him, but now I am
thinking that it might cause a rougher idle or hesitation at acceleration.
The graph he produced showed a decrease in one injector, but it was for
sure flowing fuel.

Has anyone attempted a replacement of an injector on a 4.0L. Looking at
the service manuals (Helm's Ford), doesn't look like a really bad job. He
wanted 4 hours, which does seem about right for all the disassembly and
reassembly, but only appears to be one gasket on the fuel runner assembly,
besides the o-rings (2 of them) on the injector itself.

He quoted $75 for the injector and ~$10 for a gasket, that seems in line.

If I do attempt this (and I probably will unless things change) I will not
be able to set aside the day until a week from Saturday (9/26). Do you
think driving for a week and couple of days will cause any damage. I guess
the injector has been going downhill for sometime, so another week should
cause any further problems (besides mileage and stuff). It's not running
rough or missing.

Any and all input will be appreciated.

Denver, CO

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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 00:03:18 EDT
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Oil & Filter Choice

Alan wilson,,

I would recommend fram filters and i now use quaker state synthetic blend
oil its a lil more but its good stuff it has a lil more tolerance to heat and
its more slippery than other conventional oils.....It won't void any
warranties and its worth it in the long run plus my truck seems to run just a
bit smoother now and i'm told it can have a good effect on fuel mileage so
give it a shot........ding
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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 21:38:20 -0700
From: "Al Nusbaum"
Subject: FTE Small - Transmission Question

Today I noticed something I hadn't noticed before in the 9 years I have
owned my Ranger. I was going down a slight incline with the transmission in
the "OD" position, where I always have it. I was going 40 mph so the OD was
not locked in. I accidentally knocked the lever to the D position and the
engine downshifted. I tried this a few more times and the engine downshifted
each time.

I had been under the impression that when the trans shifted into OD (4th),
that the converter also locked-up. Now it seems that that is not the case.
Does the trans shift into 4th and then the OD lock-up when conditions

The Ranger is a 1990 with a 2.9. I know the converter has a lot of slop in
it due to lack of low-end but this is a new one on me. I feel kind of stupid
asking this question due to the length of time I have owned it.

Putting on an asbestos suit, I await the inevitable.

Al Nusbaum

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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 22:58:00 -0600
From: "S. HALL"
Subject: FTE Small - Trick u-joints?

Well, after many miles of problem free operation it seems my
87' Ranger is having some problems... It makes a "thunk" when I
start out at stop lights or stop signs. The funny thing is when I climb
under it to check for play in the u-jionts there is none! It is an x-tra
cab 4X4 if it makes any difference. The xtra cab necessitates a carrier
bearing along the driveshaft, but it seems okay. Doesn't do it always maybe
1/3 of the time it'll do it and on rare occasions when backing off the throttle
and then getting on it again in 1st or 2nd gear it'll thunk also... Any ideas
on the cause? Thanks for any help,

-Sam H.

1987 Ranger XLT Xtra cab 4X4
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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 01:27:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: (tommy oslick jr)
Subject: Re: FTE Small - Ranger Antilock Program

i will send you the phone number to call

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