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fordtrucks-small-digest Tuesday, February 24 1998 Volume 02 : Number 057

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Re: fordtrucks-small-digest V2 #56 [ (EI - Micha]
FW: Ignition Timing [Michael Peacock ]
BBK ["Jerry Dean" ]
1990 Ranger for sale [ (MR JOSH J TENNEY)]
Re: BBK ["Jerry Dean" ]



Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 15:17:57 -0500
From: (EI - Michael Ioco)
Subject: Re: fordtrucks-small-digest V2 #56

Thanks for the input Andre. But dont you think that if this was a TSB from Nov
96, that it would have been fixed on a 98 production truck?

> Mike in Michigan
> The "clunk" you are hearing from your rear-end is probably the drive
> line. Ask your local Ford dealer for TSB (Technical Service Bulletin)
> 962417 from Nov. 96. The problem is the loosening of the 12 point
> driveline bolts. I had my 95' 4 x 4 Supercab XLT 4.0L back to the dealer
> for a warranty repair. They R & R'd the bolts, loc-tited them, and
> marked the drive line with the date, repair, and mechanics initials. The
> same problem can be caused by the transmission output shaft yoke. Same
> fix as the driveline. For a complete listing of TSB's check out
> Awsome site for getting one up on your
> local dealers Service Writers.
> Good Luck, Andre E. Benguerel


Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:17:03 -0500
From: Michael Peacock
Subject: FW: Ignition Timing

How's everyone? Hope OK. I've got a question about timing the BRONCO
II('86 2.9EFI). Hope someone will help!

I read on a tech board that increasing the BTDC (Like from the factory 10
degrees to 14 degrees) increases the torque while retarding the advance
increases the top end. To me that seems backwards. What do you think?

I also read that the computer has a knock retard function. So adjusting
the timing probably makes no difference. What about this?

I'm getting 30x9.50's this week and want to bump up the torque where I

My E-mail address is -- or --
I'll also be watching the small trucks list.

Thanks a lot for your input. And if there are any Professional Mechanics
out there, please help. Thanks -- Mike


Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:59:17 -0500
From: "Jerry Dean"
Subject: BBK

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Anyone out there ever install a BBK Instacharger on their Ranger? I'm =
thinking of putting one on, but I'm not quite sure yet. Will it void my =
warranty if I install it?

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Anyone out there ever install a BBK =
on their Ranger?  I'm thinking of putting one on, but I'm not quite =
yet.  Will it void my warranty if I install =

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Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 19:20:26, -0500
Subject: re: BBK

You will void the warranty with the Instacharger. I am thinking of
doing the same thing to my 4.0L in my '98, but I'm gonna wait a year
or two. I did order a 66mm throttle body from them, actually
Brother's Performance who does their selling, but I haven't seen it
yet. It's supposed to add 8-10 hp. I hope so. What year Ranger are
ya gonna put it on?



Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 19:17:45, -0500
Subject: 1990 Ranger for sale

Hi all,

We just got a '90 Ranger in on trade. It is an XLT 4x2 regular cab
long box. It has cruise, tilt, air, and AM/FM stereo. It also has
the 2.9L V6 with a 5 speed manual tranny. It has 152,000 miles on it,
but the engine was rebuilt at 125,000, so its pretty fresh. Runs
good, new brakes, about 70% treadware, and the paint is surprising
well for a '90. It has dual exhaust and an aluminum topper. Anyone
interested? Only $4500.



Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 21:01:51 -0500
From: "Jerry Dean"
Subject: Re: BBK

I know that replacing the throttle body alone voids the warranty, but I was
thinking of chancing it and keeping my stock parts in case something
happens. Gonna call BBK and get some prices to help me make my final
decision. I'm putting it on a 96 Ranger that I have. The only problem is
that I have too many other things going on with the truck right now and I
might have to wait awhile to do the engine upgrades.


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