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Swap: any BTDT? ["Tim J. Clevenger" ]
ADMIN: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Provider cost increases, missing digests and more [Ken Payne
Aerostar suspension improvement [MEB8100 ]



Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 11:00:11 -0700
From: "Tim J. Clevenger"
Subject: Swap: any BTDT?

I'm interested in swapping the tired 4-cylinder and 5-speed in my '86 =
Ranger 'S' 2WD for an 8-cylinder and T-5. Any BTDT's for this swap? =
What engine is recommended? (I don't need tons of horsepower--just =
enough to make it up the hills.) Weight is also a big factor for =
me--the rear end is already so light that I don't want to make it =
undriveable. Anything else I need to know about passing California smog =
with this swap? Oh, by the way, the vehicle has no accessories at =
all--no A/C, no power steering, no power brakes.


Tim Clevenger
86 'S'


Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 23:01:50 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: ADMIN: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Provider cost increases, missing digests and more

It's very long but extremely important.

As many may have noticed, digests for several lists have been
"lost" over the last several weeks and yesterday, the 61-79 list
had 2 digests disappear into the bit bucket. Additionally, some
posts never made it to either list last night. Sorry, but they
aren't recoverable.

We emailed Esosoft (our list server provider) about this and got
this reply:

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
The list service server had some problems with having over 200 zombie
processes running. Normal operation has about 2-3. This has been corrected.
However the list service server is always running high volume which means he
is quite busy. This is because there are some lists on this server where
each list is using about 20-25% of the total capacity of the whole server.
We have brought this to the attention of our management, but until they
make decision it will take its time.

However we see that such things happen quite often and therefore our
management decided that such kind of lists cannot cause problems for all
other lists on our servers. The only possibility to change this is the
change of our pricing structure. Those new things are planned to go
official around June, July....

I see you are currently having 5 lists with us. After the change your lists
will cost at least $50.00 per month. Charged will be according the messages
you send through our servers (number of subscribers X post).

After this date you really should consider switching to a VS type A. First
it will only cost $45.00 per month. Second your are running in your
complete own environment. This means no other customer on this server can
consume your resources. And there is no limit on the number of messages you
are going to send. Also you can create as much lists you want without any
extra cost. Of course you will be limited by the resources, however such a
server can handle around 30-40 lists without any problems.

If for example a 6,000 member mailing list posts to the server where you
are hosted you will notice he will slow down, but on your Virtual Server
such a thing can't happen....

You also have a $7 account with us. This means you can also put this
account onto your server. If you want we can also install our enhanced
Majordomo (includes a little setup program for mailing lists) to your
server which will cost a one-time $25.00 setup fee. Second your lists will
run under own domain name. You probably know the setup fee for a Virtual
Server is $50.00, however if you use our virtual hosting service, the setup
cost will be only $25.00.

Contact for more information about our Virtual Server


Andrew Gordon
Esosoft Support
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

What this means is our costs will more than double. Most likely
they will triple because some of the lists (61-79 and 80-96) are
high volume lists with many members. Current expenses are slightly
over $50/month and will go to $100-$150/month. We cannot justify
the increases. We are going to check into getting a virtual
server, either from Esosoft or another company. This will increase
our costs, but to a lesser extent than what Esosoft is proposing
with their list price increases.

In the meantime, until we find another solution, we're asking list
members to keep traffic down on the 80-96 and 61-79 lists by
not sending "I agree" and "me too" posts. Also, please trim
down long original messages when replying to them. Failure to
do this will only make things worse and cause more lost digests.

To offset costs, we're asking those that can, to buy one (or
more) of our static cling auto window stickers or the Restoration
Resources guide we sell. Info can be found at:

As always, we will not play favorites with those who buy something.
We will not charge for list services, if you're broke, don't
worry about it.

And more bad news....
Free Web Space Notice:

Sorry to tell everyone this after making the web space announcement
just a couple of days ago. We have been made aware that we cannot
allow others to access the web site unless we get a re seller account
with (our web provider). Naturally, this costs more.

Here's what Dezines Acceptable Use Policy States:
"16. Client is allowed to resell the storage and transfer services
provided by DeZines. Client agrees to handle and is responsible
for all third-party customer's content, support, set-up and
maintenance. DeZines agrees to Reseller pricing as described on
the Price and Terms Sheet, provided that client has at least one
other non-resold EXPERT Virtual account with DeZines. Client agrees
to having the necessary additional knowledge and skill level for
the reselling services provided. The Client's clients shall not
contact DeZines under any circumstances."

Although we are not reselling space, we are, in essence, providing
the same service as a reseller and could lose the account because
of it. The only solution to both this problem and the mailing list
problem is a virtual server. Finding another list provider is
out of the question as Esosoft is the cheapest in the industry.
We'll have to provide the lists and web space ourselves with a virtual
server. With this in mind, free web space has been put on hold
until we get a virtual server. Expect to see a transition in
2-3 weeks when we switch providers. We may be down for a day
or two but we hope to overlap services so this won't happen. The
good news is with a virtual server we'll be able to add more lists
without increasing costs on a per/list basis.

A move to a virtual server will happen ASAP. We're not waiting
around until the last minute. We had a feeling this was coming, no
one can afford to provide mailing list services for $5/list per
month and keep their systems from bogging down.

Your help would be appreciated as our startup costs (from a quick
glance on aren't going to be cheap. Most want a setup
fee plus several months prepaid.

Please do not send "donations." We're not a charity and we'd rather
have you buy stickers or books. If you send $10 (or more), remember
to specify whether you are buying one sticker for $10 or 3 for $3.33

We're in a jam and we hope to get out of it soon. We'll keep the
members updated as to our progress. Offers for free web hosting,
as has happened in the past, will most likely be declined. Our
mailing lists generate 10,000-20,000+ emails daily, the (very
popular) web site has transfers in excess of 4 gigabytes/month and
our disk usage is increasing each month. This is not a small site
and the burden is too much to pawn off on someone.

If you must reply to this email via the lists, trim it down to
the parts you're replying to. We'd prefer that you send comments
privately to in order to keep list activity

Ken and Peggy Payne
CoAdmins, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 23:56:52 EDT
From: MEB8100
Subject: Aerostar suspension improvement

I have a 93 Aerostar AWD that I love but makes my wife car sick. I was
wondering if anybody knew hot to clean up the....just kidding. What I really
need to know is what are some worthwhile suspension improvements to give it a
stiffer ride. Can anyone recommend any good brands of anti-sway bars, shocks,
springs? I am satisfied with the current tires on it which are the standard
size. Has anyone tried auxillary air springs in the rear? Progressive rate
coils? I don't mind a stiffer ride since in general our roads are pretty
smooth out here in Oregon.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Biederbeck


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