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small-list Digest Wed, 12 Apr 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 048

In This Issue:
Re: Frustrating Situation.. need comments/advice/ideas.
Re: [Re: Replacing Spark Plugs]
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ADMIN: Ford employee in Atlanta?
Re: [Frustrating Situation.. need comments/advice/ideas.]


Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 17:53:50 EDT
Subject: Re: Frustrating Situation.. need comments/advice/ideas.

black trans fluid is definately a bad sign. personally if the truck is in
good shape body wise and there are no other problems i would probably go
for the rebuilt transmission and depending on what part of the country youre
in , that could be an expensive proposition, probably around $1000. You
might be able to save some money if you were able to bring the tranny to a
reputable rebuilder after pulling it out yourself and once rebuilt,
installing it yourself.Make sure ya get all the old cruddy fluid out of the
lines and radiator when ya do the swap too
As for the heads $400 should cover two completely rebuilt heads, unless
youre fortunate to find a recently rebuilt set in a junkyard. In short though
its probably easier and more economical to repair this truck than to get a
decent car.
maybe you could find a decent wreck cheap to buy and switch parts?


Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 15:49:42 -0700
From: "Michael D. Sheridan">
Subject: Re: [Re: Replacing Spark Plugs]

Tim Turner wrote:
> "Michael D. Sheridan"> wrote:
> >
> > The answer to all the groping around and tearing off skin
> > and bleeding and cursing is get a drill and nibbler and
> > CUT OUT everything in your way and then replace the pieces
> > you cut out with sheet stainless or teakwood, or who cares and
> > some stainless sheet metal screws or through bolt the thing
> > if you so desire.
> >
> I "hope" that was tongue in cheek advice but I've seen mechanics with the same
> mindset. Seen a bunch of older Escorts with a torch/drill hole for the crank
> bolt when 3 bolts would drop the nose of the engine... Personally knew someone
> that totaled a 3 year old Ranger with a torch making 'clearance' for something
> during a tranny removal. Got the carpet on fire from underneath and with the
> windows being up (and him stoned) never knew it was burning inside the cab.
> By the time it was noticed the interior was but a plastic puddle in the
> floor-board. Try explaining THAT to a customer!! (that shop bought him
> another truck BTW)
> At the risk of going way OT I disagree with flat-rate pay for technicians;
> invites this sort of short-cutting to inflate the pay check..
> Tim

Hi Tim:

The advice was simply realistic as there are any number of
beautiful cover plates in any material you desire to patch up
a hole you have to cut out to get somewhere quick and somewhere
that the potential of returning there again usually exists.

I never let cutting out a hole even through a firewall stop
me in getting right to the problem as these inspection plates
should be there in the first place if it were not for the auto
industry needing all the money it can get to keep those big
profits rolling in.

Of course you should understand that I don't just sit there with
a case of beer and a cutting torch and close one eye and cut away.
Any cut outs are well planned and filler plates are selected before
the holes are ever made and the proper power tools are used to smooth
edges and every effort is made to make the job appear that it was
done at the factory.



Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 18:53:21 EDT
Subject: "unsubscribe small-list"

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Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 22:16:37 -0400
From: Ken Payne>
Subject: ADMIN: Ford employee in Atlanta?

If anyone on the lists is a Ford employee in the Atlanta
area, please contact me at I'm
hoping to arrange an FTE member tour of the Atlanta plant
in July or August.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: 13 Apr 00 22:45:28 EDT
From: Tim Turner>
Subject: Re: [Frustrating Situation.. need comments/advice/ideas.]

"Stephen Bozzone"> wrote:
> 1988 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer 4x4 Auto transmission.
> Here's the situation/story..

Step one. HOW much do you like the vehicle? You won't be able to recover the
repair costs when you sell it but is it worth it to YOU? I've seen 4 year old
vehicles scrapped over repair costs and I've seen vehicles I wouldn't put a
dime in get new engines by loyal owners.. I love my B-II and it's mostly
sitting in the back lot of the shop while I save my pennies for what I want to
do to it while other people might sell it in a heartbeat and get a different
vehicle. Also have to weigh in the cost of a payment and full coverage
insurance Vs. no payment and liability only.

> - Overheated at around 98,000 miles. Clogged Thermostat.

Which is probably when the head cracked if it did.. doesn't take much

> - Changed transmission filter and gasket at 105,000. Fluid was BLACK.
> told this was a bad sign.

Very bad sign.. should be cherry to raspberry red, dark cherry indicates need
for changing and browning indicates excess heat/usage. Black.. well.. a
problem ignored for a long time that's scorched the fluid.

> - Switched to synthetic 10w-30 oil, noticed later that passenger side
> cover is smoking.

Synthetic is great stuff from an engine protection standpoint but will leak
more than mineral based oils due to it's thinner make-up. (Similar to R-134a
gas leaking quicker than R-12 but on a different scale.)

> - Constant white smoke from tailpipe for the past 3 months (cracked head
> head gasket I believe)
> - Engine idles extremely rough, pulses and shudders (does this along with
> the exhaust)

Common and 'World Products' has a redesigned head that doesn't crack like the
OE head that Ford says doesn't have a problem.

> - Started to have problems with transmission soon after filter change,
> would slip once when just pulling out of the driveway in the morning.
> - Then a shudder/vibration that existed a few hundred miles before the
> filter change became more prevalent, mostly in OD but occurs in other gears
> around 2000RPM usually.
> - Just recently, transmission doesn't shift down for hills, slips
> constantly after stopping.

New fluid = new detergents. Might have cleaned out all the sludge holding the
tranny together; wouldn't be the first time it'd happened.

> - Engine has ticked violently on and off for the past 6 months.

Hmm... might be the engine was as well serviced as the transmission was. Too
late now but in the future examine the oil and trans dipsticks of any vehicle
closely looking for varnish etc. if it's there it indicates abuse/poor maint.
and pass on that vehicle.

> OK, so what I can see from this is, I need a new tranny, new heads - at the
> least.
> I'm 17 years old, have barely enough money for an unassembled head or two
> i'm lucky.

You have more free $$ than I do then! :-) Usually it's just one head cracked
(if any) so that may help some; as to the tranny... well auto's are expensive
and I won't buy one given ANY choice. possibly a bone yard unit for the
interim might be a way to go for the time being.

> I have a steady job, summer is coming up so I expect to make more.
> My question is to you, other than to comment on my problems..
> Is it worth fixing this thing or should I cut my losses and go for another
> used car.

Back to step one.. Dont like the beast? Cut it. Love it? Think about it.

> It's a pretty frustrating situation, I'm quite distraught over it all.
> I'm thinking of taking the truck to the tranny shop sometime this weekend.

No S**t.. I need about $5K+ to fix my 2 Fords like I want and have maybe $30
I can play with every week. One sits in the driveway and the other at work as
I (slowly) gather parts.

> I have no other means of transportation other than parent's cars which
> aren't always available.

I drive a Mazda truck with a clutch that doesn't disengage... starter gets a
Hell of a work-out at lights. Hopefully weekend after next I'll have time to
change the pilot bearing and cure it.

> Sigh, i would hate to say goodbye to this baby but there's just so much to
> do.

Exactly the way I feel about my '85 B-II and '79 LTD 2-Dr Landau. If one had
to go it'd be the LTD.

If the Body is in good shape and you want to keep it then think about it.. if
you've got rust inside the door wells (look in front of the doors with them
open on the inside towards the engine compartment) then maybe you should look
for something else. Again.. only you can make the choice but hopefully it's a
rational one.


"You don't have to wash it, & we won't even squash it" FZ

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