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Hello & Tranny Questions


Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 15:24:50 -0700
From: kevin daxon>
Subject: Hello & Tranny Questions

Hello all! -

I'm brand new to this list and to Ford trucks (used to drive a '91 F-150
a few years ago) however my GF recently purchased a '99 Ford Ranger 4x2
extra cab and it has been a part of our lives for the past four months.
Now that we've put some miles on the truck (mostly city, but also some
highway and off-road trips thrown-in for good measure) we've noticed a
couple of problems which were repaired by the dealer however now the
transmission is starting to act-up and before we run off to the dealer
(again) I thought I'd drop a line here to see if what we're experiencing
is normal of if there is something I can do.

Background: The truck has a 2.5L four cylinder hooked to a 5-speed
manual tranny and currently has about 16,000 miles on it. The
transmission feels to me like it's shifting "rough" (Read: notchy) and
we've even had occasion where it wouldn't even go into gear without
letting the truck roll a foot or so (this has happened three or four
times in the past month). The first time it happened I was pretty far
out in the back country and needless to say it was more than a little

This past weekend I checked the tranny fluid (it was warmed-up and
parked on a level spot) and it seems as if the tranny was possibly
over-filled at one time in it's life for as soon as I removed the filler
plug fluid (hot fluid at that) started running out! Could this
over-full condition be connected to the hard/no shifting at times?

While I was under the truck I pulled a rubber plug out of the bell
housing so I could take a look at the clutch (thinking the clutch may be
worn or damaged and thus contributing to the hard shifting) however I
couldn't really tell if it was worn or not just by looking at it. BTW
The clutch slave cylinder is full of fluid and does not appear to be
leaking. As far as I can tell the clutch is not slipping. The truck
doesn't appear to have been used for towing by it's previous owner.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can lend and I am looking
forward to learning as much as I can from this forum about these trucks.

'93 Toyota T100 4x2 - Lots of owner-installed mods...
'99 Ford Ranger 4x2 - Stock (for now)


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