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Re: Avoid Explorerexpress


Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 21:43:35 -0800
From: Adam McLaughlin>
Subject: Re: Avoid Explorerexpress

Anyway you look at it, you're doing better than us 2.9 guys. I spent $488 for
my JBA headers, and this was considered a fantastic deal!!



David Cooley wrote:

> current. This was 3 weeks ago. Called today after recieving the tax check
> to order the headers (listed in their catalog as $329.95) and was told "the
> price *JUST* went up to $439.95!!!!. I told them about the catalog, and
> explained that I was told the pricing was current and the lady said too
> bad...
> I then called Ford Motorsports to find another FMS dealer and was referred
> to Holcomb Motorsports in Lumberton, NC (800) 475-7223, and called and
> spoke with Kenny. Kenny looked up the headers and quoted me a price of
> $259.00 plus $4.50 shipping. I verified the part number and it was the


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