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Subject: fordtrucks-digest V1 #212

fordtrucks-digest Friday, September 12 1997 Volume 01 : Number 212

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In this issue:

Re: Seat Cover sources ["deconblu" ]
Re: window stickers []
Welding and fabrications ["Donald R. Screen" ]
Future plans ["Donald R. Screen" ]
Re: Electronic Regulator - (Was: Converting to Halogen Headlights) [Mark ]
RE: attachments and email software ["Bear" ]



Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 19:12:38 -0700
From: "deconblu"
Subject: Re: Seat Cover sources

From: Jack Fleming;
>Could some of you folks recommend possible sources of upholstery kits for
my '54 F100? I've >removed the previous owners' "attempt" at a custom,
hot-rod style interior (2 non-descript >bucket seats sitting on 2x4s atop a
welded base)

What your geting rid of top custom buckets on non rust 2x4s? I wonder where
they got the name bucket seats? Like maybe in the days of old if the seat
went to scrap (thinking of another word) they threw a couple of buckets on
the floor to sit on. Hummm, I wonder...

>and have purchased an original bench seat - however it is in desperate need
of new covering, >spring reconditioning, etc. I've only found one source so
far; CI in Mass.....I called them 3 >weeks ago, they promised a catalogue,
but no word yet......

Have you checked our sponsor? There's always J.C.Whitney! There was an
article in a truck mag on restoring seats and had the name of a supplier,
I'll see if I can find it!
Did you find out anything on the bumper?

Deacon Blues
Visit my Homepage at
or send me a fan or flame at not both. Never fan a flame!


Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 21:55:24 -0500
Subject: Re: window stickers

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997 19:42:18 -0400 "Payne, Kenneth"

>want confirmation first from InterNIC and Dragonfire. Hint:
>it will be very easy to remember.

It wouldn't happen to be a 3 letter word would it? :)


Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 00:01:43 -0500
From: "Donald R. Screen"
Subject: Welding and fabrications


1. What's the heaviest material you can weld with one of those SP100
Lincoln wire feed welders? Can you safely do frame welding with it?
Or just sheetmetal type repairs? What size equipment do you need to
safely do chassis/frame welding?

2. Does anyone out there fabricate their own brackets etc? What
thickness of steel etc do you use for brackets? Is a metal brake
essential for this type of operation? What about cutting the metal to
size...Inquiring minds want to know...Any other considerations? I
realize this is pretty general but maybe you could give a sample of
something you've fabricated (and I do mean truck related, not women
related or anything else :)

Allen, Texas


Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 23:51:09 -0500
From: "Donald R. Screen"
Subject: Future plans

KEVIN wrote:
> Whats up?I thank you for your info.I haven't got the truck running yet
> but soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)Any way I live in Euless Tx(DFW) how far is
> that from you?I plan to put 3" exhust on it because one day I'm going to
> get a set of the new Edelbrock 428cj heads and then go find me
> chevy(forgive the blasphemy)owner out there and show them that Ford is a
> force not to be taken lightly!!Any way hope to here from you soon!mongo

Those Edelbrock heads sound nice. My 1974 F100 XLT Ranger was somewhat
of a Christmas present to my son who needed transportation for school
and work. I paid $1500 for it (from a guy in Rowlett). Turns out it
was about $1400 too much! He claimed it had a new front and rear end
and that the only thing broke on it was the windshield (cracks) and the
heater. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Almost
everything on the truck needed some sort of work. The son was suppossed
to pay for the parts and I would do the labor. Never happened..the son
had NO interest in putting ANY money into HIS truck. (Sigh) It's been 2
years of off and on work...but lately I have put some time in on it. I
popped the hood the other day and kinda suprised was starting
to look pretty good. Fresh Ford Blue paint on the 390 manifold and
timing cover, new water pump, new hoses, new Ford Motorsport chrome
valve covers and new 13 inch low profile Ford chrome air cleaner, and
new Edelbrock 1406 carb (shiny one). Still have all the brackets off of
it for the alternator, steering pump, A/C....gonna try a paint technique
that I just read about. You take something like a coffee can...fill it
mostly with water..float about 1/4 inch of Rustoleum black paint on the
surface of the water...then dip the part to be painted...hang the part
to dry. Suppossed to give a factory look to the paint on the part.
I broke off the radiator petcock assembly so I gotta get out there and
maybe use some silver solder and my propane torch to put it back on.
The seals on the steering gear box are leaking...especially near the
flex coupler. Got new seals on the workbench but it's gonna be a major
effort to remove the old ones. The engine compartment is about 1000
times cleaner than when I got the truck home two years ago. Gonna
degrease the entire wiring harness too and repair it if needed (rewrap
it for sure).
Sorry for the rambling...I tease my wife..she sighs when I tell her I am
going to work on "the truck". Kinda like going off to war or Siberia
never to be seen again.
Allen Texas is about 30 miles due north of Dallas. It's also just north
of Plano on Central Expressway. Kinda wish there was a Ford Truck club
or meet or something similar here in the Dallas area. I organized a
university club years ago and it was way too much work and not much
return on the time invested.
Would like to attend the Lone Star Nationals at the end of this
month...suppossed to have rods, trucks etc at the show. but I will be
out of the country working for UPS (can you say second strike, I thought
you could (grin)). I commute out of DFW airport to go to work. Maybe
when both are trucks are running we could have the First Annual DFW Ford
Truck Meet. Someplace with good food and a large parking lot.
When I lived in Maryland folks used to go to a large hamburger stand on
Highway 5 on Friday nights with their rods.
BTW, if you want to race a Ch*vy truck (1980 vintage 3/4 ton)...I've got
one of those nasty old things too..this was before I knew any better.
Only go fast goodies in this truck are some Accel ignition components.

Don Screen
Allen, Texas


Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 22:53:30 +0000
From: Mark Tanner
Subject: Re: Electronic Regulator - (Was: Converting to Halogen Headlights)

marko maryniak wrote:

> You wanna check your battery too. Does it hold a charge okay? Seems like,
> if you aren't complaining about starting problems.

Nope, no starting problems.

> After awhile the points wear down, the coil loses its efficiency (the copper
> in the wires corrodes or whatever), the spring weakens, and it takes more
> current to move the points one way or the other. So the range between "on"
> and "off" gets wider and your electrical system pulsates cause the regulator
> can't open and close properly.

The electrical connector on the regulator doesn't look too good. From
you describe I suppose it could cause the same problem. I stopped by
Ford dealer to see if they had a replacement and the parts guy took me
to the body shop where they had an old Escort sitting and he cut the
connector out of it and gave it to me. What a guy. I haven't put it in

> You see, once somebody came up with the idea of an electronic regulator,
> they just stopped making the electromechanical ones. They made it the same
> so you could retrofit it. So even if '74s came with electromechanical
> regulators, the replacement part in 1997 is an electronic one. Nobody sells
> the old style ones anymore.

When I got this truck, about a year ago, I replaced all the stuff under
the hood - alternator, starter, solenoid, regulator, thermostat, tune up
parts, etc. I figured a couple hundred worth of parts was better than
getting stuck somewhere because of some $20 part. I got the regulator
from the local NAPA Auto Parts and I am positive it is relay type.

> Make sure you have decent ground there (check with an ohmmeter between the
> negative post of the battery and the rad support, shud show zero ohms, or
> with a test light, which shud burn brightly between the positive post of the
> battery and grounded to the rad support where the regulator is). A floating
> ground can also cause the regulator to malfunction.

I'll check it out. Thanks for all the information.

'74 F-250 Supercab
- --
Mark Tanner Washougal, WA


Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 15:01:42 -0500
From: "Bear"
Subject: RE: attachments and email software

I have no problem with receiving attachments in emails I use Microsoft
Outlook and seem to have no problems. Maybe you all just don't have your
receiving software setup right? I am no expert but it is a thought.


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