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Subject: fordtrucks-digest V1 #196

fordtrucks-digest Saturday, September 6 1997 Volume 01 : Number 196

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Re: Oil tank ["Mark Mech" ]
Split ["jstrigas" ]
RE: Bleeding Brakes [Randy Collins ]



Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 21:03:44 -0700
From: "Mark Mech"
Subject: Re: Oil tank

An empty freon tank would work well for this too.

Mark Mech
1913 E. El Parque
Tempe, Arizona 85282

> >> a tool to fill rear end oil or ATF. Basically they took a portable
> >> air tank cut a hole in it and welded in a fitting, installed a pipe
> >> that reached to the bottom of the tank an air fitting to pressurize
> >> it and a valve to control it and voila they had a simple tool to


Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 21:55:42 -0700
From: "jstrigas"
Subject: Split

If the list is split and someone needs help and no one seems to know the
answer on the list that the person is subscribed to, can they post to
another within the Ford Truck Enthusiasts list? If people want a split
that's up to a vote. After all I'm no Yankee! But consideration to the
people on the list will need to be looked at closely! I have been told that
people can join both list if thats what they want, so there would be no
problem, but it is because they can't post to a list that doesn't include
their truck. If they can post to another list then what's the reason for a
I know people don't intend to sound rude and I do take it personaly,
shouldn't but I do. If people are in favor of a split that's fine the
problem I have is an opinion that effects the whole list and is me oriented.
So far I haven't seen one post that was in favor of a split that said it
would be better for us because. If a split is best for a group then I can go
with it. At 42 I'm not a kid and a '73 isn't new. I'm not thinking of
myself, reading about a '40s Ford truck does me no good for my truck. They
interest me because I'm a Ford Truck Enthusiasts not a My Ford Truck
Split the list cost everyone resources! It's just my .02 so it's no big
deal. Does anyone else feel the same way I do? If it's only me then I'm
sorry, I would be out of line and I will stop! You have my word!

Deacon Blue
AKA Jim Strigas

'73 F100
'83 XJ900RK
'86 GL1200 Custom


Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 00:51:24 -0700
From: Randy Collins
Subject: RE: Bleeding Brakes

I don't have a set of the bleeders but I have seen them in the Snap-On,
Mac, Matco and Cornwell catalogs. I think all of them sell them. I have
the current catalogs so I can look them up for you if you want.

When I need things from the tool guys I either page them or just wait until
I see one of the trucks. Most of the tool truck guys in this area have
pagers and are eager to call you back.

You may also be interested in the phone numbers for these companies.

Kenosha Wisconsin

1-800-Mac-Tools (I guess that the "s" doesn't count) pretty slick!
Columbus Ohio

Matco Tools
No Phone Number Listed
Stow Ohio

Wadsworth Ohio

There is also a web page where you can post tool type questions. Most of
the folk that spend time there are into tools or are in the business.

Randy Collins >MIME OFF
Boise, Idaho

1975 Ford F250 4WD Supercab "Muscle Truck"
Soon to have the following Randy installed options:
460 C-6

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From:Don Grossman []
Sent:Friday, September 05, 1997 5:25 PM
Subject:Re: Bleeding Brakes

Where can the check ball bleaders be found for sale?

- --
Don Grossman

63 Ford F-250 4x4 67' 390, t-98, Spicer 24, Dana 60, Dana 44

Phase 172: rebuild front suspension

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