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fordtrucks-digest Wednesday, August 27 1997 Volume 01 : Number 171

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RE: peculiar gasoline question [DC Beatty ]



Date: 26 Aug 97 21:11:42 EDT
From: DC Beatty
Subject: RE: peculiar gasoline question

Thanks for the interest in the question. I know you technical geniuses were out
>DC Beatty wrote:
>> I know from previous posts that there are some petroleum geniuses out
there on
>> the list. I have a question:
>> Last week 5 gallons of 112 octane racing gas accidentally :-) found its
way into
>> my trucks' gas tank. It seemed from looking at the gas gauge and from driving
>> normally that my gas mileage increased dramatically when using this gas
>> straight. Is it possible that this gas could *dramatically* increase engine
>> efficiency and thus gas mileage? I'm curious.
Daver Replies:

>Yes you get more horses out of each explosion.

O.K. I'll bite... Why do You get more horses from each explosion???

that increase the calorific content?>>
I doubt it too. I think it was Phillips 66 gas.

the octane rating doesn't do squat except lighten Your wallet and
provide some psycological benefit (placebo effect....)
Happy motoring,

Steve Delanty
1971 F100 FE390>>

Could be. But is it possible that it is a more *efficient* motor fuel? I am in
Colorado and they force us to use this crap gas with MTBE added to it. I guess
it's extra oxygen. They used to switch to it only in winter but now I guess some
gas stations are using it full time so they can charge the higher price full

I knew right away when they would switch over to it as I seemed to use more gas
for the same amount of driving. I was thinking that maybe I could mix some of
the good gas with more of the crap gas (say, 10:1 or something) and get more
mileage from a tank. My truck was designed to use higher octane gas I believe. I
have been using about 85 octane.


DC Beatty

1967 F-100 352
1974 Maverick 302


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