Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 23:23:22 -0600 (MDT)
From: (fordtrucks-digest)
Subject: fordtrucks-digest V1 #163

fordtrucks-digest Friday, August 22 1997 Volume 01 : Number 163

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - 1979 And Older Trucks Digest
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In this issue:

did I hear "new tuck"?? [DC Beatty ]
peculiar gasoline question [DC Beatty ]
'57 pickup colors [John Strauss ]
Re: ID of an IFS [Dan Wentz ]
[none] [ (George E Wheeler)]
Re: fordtrucks-digest V1 #7 ["George Shepherd" ]
RE: 351M to 460 swap [Sleddog ]
351M to 460 swap []
RE:More BTU's please.. []
Re: peculiar gasoline question []
Re: ID of an IFS []
Tranny Grind [billjhs ]
New Guy [Adrian Carter ]
Re: New Guy [ (Justin Bair)]
Re: New Guy ["Jim Strigas" ]
Re: Tranny Grind []



Date: 22 Aug 97 17:03:55 EDT
From: DC Beatty
Subject: did I hear "new tuck"??

Ken Payne wrote:

add a 199x F150)>>>

Hey Ken. Go for it!!! Get the 1997. I drove one at work and it's quite the plush
ride. Lots of power too. Since it was a work truck I felt obligated to take it
for *the* test run. It exceeded my expectations.

Think about it: cruise control, factory tough-to-rip-off CD player, 4 speed
automatic, no less than pleasant wind noises while going down the highway...
Can you smell that new truck smell, Ken??


DC Beatty
1967 F-100 352
1974 Maverick 302
no new truck in sight


Date: 22 Aug 97 17:03:57 EDT
From: DC Beatty
Subject: peculiar gasoline question

I know from previous posts that there are some petroleum geniuses out there on
the list. I have a question:

Last week 5 gallons of 112 octane racing gas accidentally :-) found its way into
my trucks' gas tank. It seemed from looking at the gas gauge and from driving
normally that my gas mileage increased dramatically when using this gas
straight. Is it possible that this gas could *dramatically* increase engine
efficiency and thus gas mileage? I'm curious.

Thanks for any help
DC Beatty
1967 F-100 352
1974 Maverick 302


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 16:04:24 -0500
From: John Strauss
Subject: '57 pickup colors

>I just bought a '57 F100.. it's in pretty good sahpe except the paint
>is really bad... I'm new at this, can anybody tell me how to find the
>list of original colors the F100 came in in 1957?
Raven Black (A), Dark Blue Metallic (B), Light Blue (D), Colonial White
(E), Willow Green (J), Yellow (M), Primer (P), Vermillion Red (R), Special
(S), Woodsmoke Gray (T), Meadow Green (U), Inca Gold (Y).

_| ~~. John Strauss
\, _}
\( Texas Fight!


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 14:55:44 -0700
From: Dan Wentz
Subject: Re: ID of an IFS

>My recently purchased '54 F-100 has a front-end clip that was grafted on =
>by a previous owner. The steering box has some problems, and I'll =
>probably need to rebuild the front brakes, but I have no idea how to =
>identify what kind of vehicle the IFS came from. Any suggestions on how =
>to proceed? Thanks. Jack

Though I've seen others, the main front clip donors are Mustang II/Pinto,
Plymouth Volare, and Camaro. said you have problems with the
steering *box*? That eliminates Mustang II because that has rack & pinion.
Look at the steering box: if it mounts to the front crossmember then it's
a Volare, if it mounts to the frame then it's a GM. And if you see a
torsion bar under there then it's definitely a Volare. Chances are it's a
Volare just because it's so much more common than the GM.

Hope that helps.


1992 Ford Mustang LX
1950 Ford F1, 351C-2V
Check out my F1 page:


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 18:12:16 -0400
From: (George E Wheeler)
Subject: [none]

Nick: According to the "Standard Catalog of Light Duty Trucks"
The colors for 1957 were
Raven Black Willow Green
Dresden Blue Silver
Starmist Blue Mocha
Colonial White Doeskin Tan
Cumberland Green Woodsmoke Gray
Gunmetal Gray Flame Red

Also there were 4 different bodies used in 1957, a 6 1/2 ft styleside,
a 6 1/2 ft flareside
a 8 ft styleside and a 8 ft flareside

On Fri 8/22/97 You wrote:

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 13:47:38 -0700
From: Nick
Subject: Re: fordtrucks-digest V1 #7

I just bought a '57 F100.. it's in pretty good shape except the paint
is really bad... I'm new at this, can anybody tell me how to find the
list of original colors the F100 came in in 1957?

- ------------------------------
George Wheeler in Sudbury, Ma


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 17:15:31 -0500
From: "George Shepherd"
Subject: Re: fordtrucks-digest V1 #7

Exterior Color Codes Engine Codes
I\/l[ajor OptionsHDc

272ci V-8 engine

HD b
Ranchero and Courier Courier
HD 8speed transmission

HD g
Raven Black A A--223ci 16 Ibbl 144hp
3-speed overdrive transmission

HD r;
Dresden Blue C U--272ci V-8 2bbl 190hp
HD 4-speed transmission


Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission
Colonial White E C--292ci V-8 2bbl 212hp

Ilin clutch
Starmist Blue F
AM ti
Cumberland rJreen G F-Series
Vacuum booster brakes

Willow Green J
Power steering
J 223ci I-6 Ibbl 139hp
Silver Mocha K
HD 2-stage rear springs
K--272ci V-8 2bbl 171hp

Dual rear wheels
Doeskin Tan L L--272ci V-8 2bbl 171hp
Gunmetal Gray N
Chrome front bumper
U--272ci V-8 2bbl 17rhp
Primer P
Rear bumper


Chrome front & rear bumpers
Thunderbird Bronze &*
Special paint S Transmission Codes

Woodsmoke Gray T LD 3-speed manual A
Auxiliary seat (panel)

Flame Red V 3-speed automatic C
Splash guards

Se ad
Dusk Rose X* MD 3-speed manual D
Custom Cab Package

Inca Gold y HD 5-speed manual E
Seat covers

Coral Sand Z 3speed overdrive 30D
Therm-Acoustic headliner

See C
'Ranchero Cspeed manual synchronized E'
Passenger's-side visor


Spare tire


Spare tire carrier
F-Series Options and Prices
Spare tire lock & chain

Raven Black A
Dark Blue Metallic B Ranchero
Side-mounted spare tire carrier

Gas t
Light Blue D 66A
Tinted glass

Colonial White E Pickup $2,098

Willow Green J 66I3
Engine governor F~Il-~

Front tow hooks
Yellow M Custom 2,149

Primer P
Grille guard
vermillion Red R Courier

Special paint S 78A Sedan
Woodsmoke Gray T delivery $1,989
Meadow Green U
Inca Gold Y F-Series
Style F-100 F-250 F-350
The 1957 trucks were totally res
80 Plat-
were eliminated, and the cab design r
form $1,818 $1,973 $2,172
Interior Trim Codes st
The most noticeable feature was the
which had slab sides that blended in
Ranchero and Courier cab j
The traditional pickup with fenders
Silver/C;ray 1,671
the box was called the Flareside. Th
Blue AR, E 81
with a wood floor, whereas the StyleE
Gray R, F Chassis
Flareside and Styleside pickups were I
Green AS, AN cab
Tan AX, G (118in) 1,708 1,827 1,987
Tan/Brown G 82 Panel
Brown S delivery 2 ,082
White/*ran AZ 83 Pickup
White/Blue AB, H, X (61/2ft) 1,789
White/Green AC, J 83 Pickup
White/Gray K (8ft) 1,828 1,955 2,135
White/Brown L 84
White~lack AA, U Chassis-
White/aed AU, AJ cowl 1,419 1,575 1,726
Gold~lack AT,T 86 Stake 1,~89 2,044 2~47


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> From: Nick
> To:
> Subject: Re: fordtrucks-digest V1 #7
> Date: Friday, August 22, 1997 3:47 PM
> I just bought a '57 F100.. it's in pretty good sahpe except the paint
> is really bad... I'm new at this, can anybody tell me how to find the
> list of original colors the F100 came in in 1957?
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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 19:05:34 -0400
From: Sleddog
Subject: RE: 351M to 460 swap

interesting, i wonder if any f150's came that way. do you happen to recall
if that f250 had 3/4 or 1 ton axles under it. just curious. i have a 79
f350 here with a 460, but it had a 400 in it factory i believe. it has the
dana 60 front, dana 80 (70 maybe?) rear. i was wondering if the big block
option upgraded the axles also.


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From: Randy Collins[]
Sent: Friday, August 22, 1997 12:20 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: 351M to 460 swap


I have seen a factory F250 4WD with a 460. I can't remember if it was a
'78 or '79.

Randy Collins
Boise, Idaho

1975 Ford F250 4WD Supercab "Muscle Truck"
Soon to have the following Randy installed options:
460 C-6


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 16:37:21 -0700
Subject: 351M to 460 swap

This may not completely apply but here is my input:

I have a 1970 F250 some one swapped in a 460 with C6 trans. It had the
stock automotive oil pan and exhaust manifolds. The stock truck
tailpipes were not retained. The passenger side exhaust manifold fits
but the original installer notched the frame (ouch!) for extra
clearance. The auto oil pan fit as well but the drain plug was on the
side so they cut (ouch!) a hole in the side of the cross member for
access. I swapped a truck pan with the rear drain plug and more
importantly the oil pump pick-up which was different. Good Luck.!


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 16:53:47 -0700
Subject: RE:More BTU's please..

You might try a fan motor with a higher RPM. I had an add on AC unit
that barley was noticeable. I replaced its motor with a motor that had a
high speed of around 4200 RPM as compared to 2400 or so for the stock
unit. I can now store frozen food on the register vent. The fan motor
that I bought seems to be the same size as the heater motor in my '70
('71 same I think) the shaft is much longer but can be cut to fit. Good
Feel free to E-Mail me directly for the vender I found it at and its
part number.


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 20:07:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: peculiar gasoline question

DC Beatty,
Unless your engine is running rough on regular unleaded gas, it's not a
good idea to use the higher octane (plus it costs a lot more anyway, probably
more than you'd save because of better gas mileage).


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 20:13:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: ID of an IFS

Your best bet is to try to get in touch with the previous owner and ask
him/her. If you can not get in touch with him/her, go down to the local
boneyard and look at the front clips on some of the cars most often used as
front clip donors for 1953-1956 F-100's (ie: C*maro, Vol*re, etc.) to try and
find one that matches.


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 20:31:22 -0400
From: billjhs
Subject: Tranny Grind

Hello to all,

Well I finally got my 51 on the road but I notice that it is very hard
to get it into 1st gear, always seems to grind alot. I know I have to
come to a stop to get into first but it grinds every time. If I go into
reverse then back to first its OK. Could it be the clutch or is there
something wrong ???

1951 F-1


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 21:08:16 -0600
From: Adrian Carter
Subject: New Guy

Hello Gang,
New to the list with a '79 F150 361M/C6. Had this truck since new and
it has served me well. Still like new. Will get some pictures up on my
web site as soon as I get them scanned.
However, my brother Gerry has a '74 F350 460/C6 and has also had this
from just about new. But, he has always had trouble with it wanting to
wander from side to side. We have tried many things. For intance, new
secter shaft and worm gear, all ball joints and bearings are good, new
Monroe's, it has coil springs and new tires, has been alighned many
We have tried solid side bias and radial tires nothing seems to help. We
have adjusted that steering box until we are blue in the face. It is a
twin "I" beam and we have inspected it and inspected, all is in good
The truck only has 73k on it. If anyone could give us any suggestions
be greatly appreciated.
Also, anyone know of any company from Arkansas who sell/manufactures
Fuel Injection Manifolds for the 460CID.

Adrian VE6AFY
'79 F150 mine since new
'74 F350/'95 Taurus(Gerry)


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 23:36:49 -0400
From: (Justin Bair)
Subject: Re: New Guy

king pins could be a good possibility

{79 Ford Bronco}
(3 79 Ford Tucks}
{77 Ford Flatbed}


Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 21:13:10 -0700
From: "Jim Strigas"
Subject: Re: New Guy

Welcome Adrian!

I had the same problem with my '73 F100 and it was the flex coupler. It
looked OK but when the truck was parked I could see the movement in it. With
the truck parked and shut off turn the wheel slow and see if the shaft and
the steering box turn at the same time. it's easily over looked! If it's bad
I got the new web instead of the whole thing. They are not made for
rebuilding and it took hours to do. But the price difference is $10 for just
the web and $40 for the whole thing! Good Luck!

Jim Strigas
It's here, It's thin. It's under construction. It's my Homepage!
or if your a Tbird fan


Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 01:22:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Tranny Grind

If you're still rolling, try letting out the clutch in neutral, and goosing
the gas a bit, then try dropping into 1st. I'm assuming you have a 3 speed,
as the 4 speed for a 51, or a 50, as I have, is non-synchro all the way. If
you cant shift into 1st when at a stop, something else is wrong, maybe a
clutch adjustment. Driving a non syncro tranny is a chore, but once you learn
it, it makes driving any stick a lot easier. And the spur(straight cut)
gears are fun to listen to, also!

Happy shifting,


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