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pre61-list Digest Sat, 28 Oct 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 209

In This Issue:
Oil Filter Housing Questions
front spindles/disc brake kit


Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 19:59:24 -0500
From: JeffH <>
Subject: Oil Filter Housing Questions

Hey folks,

I'm in the middle of cleaning out the oil filter housing and
lines for my F-3, with the 239 V8, and I have a couple of
questions I hope you can help with.......

1)  There is a brass coupling(?) that the "in" line screws in
to, and in turn screws in to the side of the filter housing.
This brass piece has a 1/16" outlet hole.  I would like to
replace it because the corners are somewhat rounded down, but
the only replacements I can find have a 3/16" outlet hole.
Does size matter?

2) There is a tube running the length of the filter housing,
that the screw for the lid goes into.  Does this tube come
out somehow?

3)  OK, this is not oil related, but I will ask it anyway..  :)
According to the owner's manual, there is an oil plug on the
fan shaft, between the fan and block, for oiling.  It says to
add some oil, then rotate the fan 180 degrees to drain out any
excess.  Should I be able to do this by hand?  Do I need to
remove the fan belt first?
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From: "Earl Capps" <>
Subject: front spindles/disc brake kit
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 19:59:11 -0800

I tried to order a kit Friday, but when I told them it was for a '55 F250 I
was told the kit was only for F100.  I assumed the spindles/axle were
different so I got a F100 spindle and axle on Saturday.  After taking off
the spindle from my F250 and the new F100, I found they were the same.  Same
number cast on the back. Same goes for the axle.  I looked it up in the
48-56 Ford Illustration and Text catalogs I have.  It says that Model C
(F100) and Model D (F250) have the same front axle and spindles.

Could someone confirm this for me?  Why won't the disc kit fit the F250?  Is
this a weight issue?

'55 F250 429


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