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pre61-list Digest Tue, 10 Oct 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 195

In This Issue:
shock mounting studs
52 F-1 Bed
Start-up procedure, 48 F-4
58F100 front shock mount
50 Ford Truck Update....


Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 23:13:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dennis Moody <>
Subject: shock mounting studs

Anybody know of a supplier for the mounting studs that go through the
front axle to hold the bottom of the shock?

I ordered a set of these from SVF, but they are not even close to
being right, despite promises by SVF that they were.

I need these parts.  Anybody go a decent used set for sale?

My shop manual list this as part number 18033 on page 200.  This is
for a 1951 f-1.




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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 03:10:36 EDT
Subject: Batteries

Before you blame it all on the battery. You might want to check you charging
system. Unless you drive your truck everyday and at hiway speeds your
generator won't charge you battery. That is one of the problems with
generators is that they only work good a high rpm and they don't put out as
much amperage as alternators.
I had to put one of them 1 amp charges on my battery, I only live a couple of
miles from work and it is in town driving which wouldn't keep the battery
charged up, expesicially in the winter. If you don't drive the truck everyday
the chargers are a good idea even if the chargeing system is working great. A
battery that is not fully charged will freeze easier then a fully charged
battery. Also check the gas gauge, I not that familliar with 53's but on some
of the older trucks the gauge was wired to be on all the time, which of
course is a nice little drain on the battery.
As far a brands of batteries I've had good luck with Sears. Some people don't
like them but I've never had any problems. I have a 60 month know that is
going on 6 years old, a working like a champ even though is has been almost
froze twice..
Hope this helps.
Bob Wood
60 F100


Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 7:41:57 EDT
Subject: 52 F-1 Bed

Looking for help as usual. I want to attach my new bed front to the sides
and get that baby on the frame. What type of "connectors" do I
use?....rivets, bolts? And where can I get them. If I remember correctly
the type used was a style of "rivet" that I am not familiar with.

As always thank you for your advance!



Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 08:23:28 EDT
Subject: Start-up procedure, 48 F-4

Well I bought that 48 F-4 I was looking at and I was hopeing someone could
recomend a good pre-start up checklist/procedure I could go through before
starting it  up. It was running when it was parked in the garage 11 years
ago. It is a flat head six.

1948, F-4, Dump


From: "Tom Ewing" <>
Subject: 58F100 front shock mount
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 12:13:48 -0700

Can anyone tell me of a catalog or wherever that I might order the front
shock (upper) mounts for my 58F100.  I've looked in Sacto Vintage Ford
and a few other similar places, but I haven't seen them yet.


Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 19:38:47 -0500
From: Chris/Jennifer Chambers <>
Subject: steering

Well, I had a brilliant revelation and put a larger diameter steering
wheel on my panel truck.  Now I believe I can live with the original
steering, it is much easier and I don't have to "wrestle" with the
wheel.  I do however badly need to rebuild or replace the steering box
as there is too much play in the wheel.  Do I need a rebuild kit and are
they available from a catalog?  Is there an adjustment that can tighten
up the steering a little until I get the box worked on?  As always
thanks for the help/
60 panel


From: "Stephen Hansen" <>
Subject: 50 Ford Truck Update....
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 23:29:25 -0500

Many of you in the '50 F-1 range know me for the questions we swap back and forth; I thought I would share with you the latest and greatest updates on my F-1.
I Finally (between the bad weather) painted the entirely new bed. Not to shabby for a beginner... I need to buff it out but the bed is on it's way to completedom. I have all pieces except for the hold down bolts. Expect pictures soon!
I sprayed the last coat of Spar varnish on the bed wood tonight; it looks sweet! Tomorrow is the last day in the near future that we will have good weather, so I'm torn between putting the finish work on the rusty panel I replaced on my '92, or assembling the bed... Guess what I'll choose..
I officially "drove" the truck ( we'll use that term loosely) Sometime in the early summer I idled it out of the garage (no throttle at that time) but this time I had a throttle hooked up and setting on a large plastic toolbox ;-) I pulled it out and drove it up on the trailer.
To keep this in-line with the list rules here is my needed advise:
Having some problems with the high RPM's I think the carb is flooding out or running rich. took some throttle feathering to get the RPM's up and she ran real ruff. She idles great though. Ideas?
Also, I put a new clutch in it, pressure plate and thro-out bearing during the rebuild (years ago), also had the clutch turned. The transmission is a Merc OD, but all the pieces seemed to be identical for a replacement, so I did. The clutch was at it's full end play at first; so I got a spare clutch shaft and cut and rotated it perhaps 10 degrees. It didn't help much, I am still at the end of the clutch adjustment. My best guess is that the flywheel is too thin or the pressure plate I have is bad. I'm planning one more attempt at a modified clutch shaft; My other guess is that the merc cars had a longer/different clutch pedal mechanism; but I have never seen one....but anyone have any suggestions?
Stephen Hansen
1992 F250
1950 F-1
2000 Keystone Cougar 5th wheel


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