pre61-list-digest Thursday, June 3 1999 Volume 03 : Number 157

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FTE Pre61 - tire and wheel sizes
FTE Pre61 - engine weights
FTE Pre61 - flathead intake
FTE Pre61 - Marmon-Herrington



Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 06:05:50 -0500
From: "mark"
Subject: FTE Pre61 - tire and wheel sizes

can anyone on the list enlighten me as to the stock wheel and tire sizes for
my 1959 F100?
my shop and/or owners manuals seem to be lacking this information.


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Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 06:37:31 -0500
Subject: FTE Pre61 - engine weights

Does anyone but me remember us talking about putting together a list
of engine component weights and putting it out there for our use ????

I've got most of a 460 weighted and have the figures ready for anyone who
has the space to put them somewhere..

Let me know


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Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 22:53:58 -0400
From: "Sheldon Rier"
Subject: FTE Pre61 - flathead intake

Hi All

isn't the point of a multi carb intake to reduce the difference in the
lengths of the intake manifold runners?? I was reading a flathead book & it
went on about how the short runners to the middle cylinders and long runners
to the ends caused uneven fuel distribution - maybe the Patrrick manifold
has similar length runners - let us know how the 4v setup works


Subject: FTE Pre61 - intake
I am beginning to assemble some parts for my truck
restoration. One of the few modifications I plan to
make is changing the intake and carb.
Patricks antiques has an intake which allows a
4-barrell installation. Most others allow for two or
THREE stock carbs.
To me the 4-barrell is the way to go. What is
everyones experience with this and what do you

Dennis Moody
'51 Ford F-1
Flathead Forever!

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Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 00:34:33 -0500
From: (Mike Blevins)
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Marmon-Herrington

Hi all. I just got a 1956 1 ton Dually with the Marmon-Herrington 4 wheel
drive conversion. It runs but needs a new clutch and a few pieces of glass
are cracked. Does anyone know of any good sources of info and parts?
Thanks, Brian

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