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FTE Pre61 - RE: Steering Gearbox
FTE Pre61 - 52 F-1 doing it agian
FTE Pre61 - what is wrong?
Re: FTE Pre61 - 52 F-1 doing it agian
FTE Pre61 - Mono Leaf Springs--how low?



Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 08:30:50 -0400
From: The Neighbors
Subject: FTE Pre61 - RE: Steering Gearbox

Frank wrote: "I am am looking to purchase a serviceable or rebuildable
steering gearbox for my '51 F1. Any of you good folks out there who have
installed IFS and modern steering, maybe you saved the old stuff."

Frank, check this guy out. He has a small junkyard here in Kentucky and
he specializes in old Ford trucks. I just discovered him myself, so I'm
not really sure what all he has.

John Puckett
1412 Barnes Mill Road
Irvin, KY 40336

- --
Don Neighbors
'54 F250 Named Grover

"Any dropped tool or part will automatically fall into the most
innaccesible part of the vehicle."
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Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 19:39:53 EDT
Subject: FTE Pre61 - 52 F-1 doing it agian

Hello All
I have a 52 F-1 that I'm taking a hard look at redoing again, I'm
close to being able to get it back on the road. I've come to the decision
that if it's worth doing it's worth doing right. I need to quite worrying
about driving it right away. With that said I'm looking for someone that has
done a torsion bar suspension. I also have a need for some patch panel for
the front cab corners and the floor board. Hope someone can help!!!!!!!

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Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 23:04:06 -0500
From: Chandler
Subject: FTE Pre61 - what is wrong?

When I try to access the site tonight i get a box asking for my user
name and password. This happens if I try to use my favorites or if I try
to go to it from the URL in the digest. Also happens from Excite.
Everything worked yesterday, what has happened?
Thanks for all of your work on this site. It is a great one!
Don Chandler
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Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 01:21:40 EDT
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - 52 F-1 doing it agian

Hi Tom,
I replaced the floor and front cab corners on my '52 F-3. It was pretty easy
to do with a cut-off wheel and a mig welder. I got the floor sections from
Sac Vintage and the cab corners from Early Ford V-8 Parts. They were all a
perfect fit. I had to use very little filler to hide the welded seam and now
you can't even tell there was any "surgery" done after the cab was primed. I
did use the argon gas with my welder instead of the flux core wire. It left
the weld so much cleaner and with no spatter to clean up. I was able to do
all this in one saturday, so not a whole lot of time is needed.
Good luck,
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Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 03:09:00 -0400
From: Ken Payne

Ford Truck Enthusiasts is pleased to announce the following:

1. A new International Ford truck club, the Association of
Ford Truck Enthusiasts, has been formed. This club is an
independent non-profit club that has a license agreement
with Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Inc. to provide services
for its members.

The club has many benefits:

Lots of web space provided for the members (5 or 10 meg
per member). List archives on ZIP disk or CDROM, window
sticker, keyword notification on the web classifieds
(someone types in what you're looking for and you get
email notification), picture classifieds, t-shirt, email
address, product discounts, pictorial posting privilages,
private bulletin board, private web site, private club
email list and a member travel list.

Go to the web site for more information.

2. New chat. This chat engine should knock your socks off!
No registration is required, very easy to use and incredibly
feature packed. This chat should address all the complaints.

3. New bulletin board system. This system is a professional,
fast, feature packed system. The old BBS will be archived
for about a month or so on the site for reference to old

4. The classifieds will accept pictures for club members.

5. The entire look of the web site has been updated. Those who
have beta'd it have had very positive feedback.

6. SPEED. The web site should be much faster. We're on a new

7. New articles added to the web site Tech Articles.

8. Over 40 trucks added to the web pictorial.

9. 15 new links added to the web site links.

10. Completely updated events guide.

11. A few photos from the 21st Annual Pigeon Forge F100 Supernationals
are on the site. More will appear later.

95% of the new site is complete and a few minor additions will be
added over the course of the week.

Let me know what you think and please report any problems.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 00:41:15 -0700
From: Dan Wentz
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Mono Leaf Springs--how low?

Quick question: Anybody know off hand how much of a drop standard eye mono
leaf springs will provide? This is for the front of a 50 F1, by the way.
I'd like to use them but am worried about my front sump oil pan clearing
the axle. A super low front end is not a big priority, so I don't want to
bother changing the oil pan & pickup to accommodate the springs. If
clearance is a problem then I'll use reversed eye standard springs. Any
input is appreciated.


1950 F1 351C--New springs in back--it's BOUNCY!!!
1992 Mustang --Now I know why they say to take the bra off when it rains. :(
1965 Mustang--Coming Soon???

Visit my new improved 48-52 F1 Site:
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