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RE: FTE Pre61 - 56 cab corners
FTE Pre61 - Primer
FTE Pre61 - Effie projects - kinda long. Sorry Ken!



Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 07:32:36 -0500
From: "Rich Garber"
Subject: RE: FTE Pre61 - 56 cab corners

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> Hello,
> Does anyone know where to get new front cab corners that fit? We have a
> 56 panel and need new corners. Tried some , but they don't fit.
> thanks,
> Don Chandler
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Its a shame that for the kind of money they get for the panels, they
don't fit better. I sent back a few, from what I've been told most of the
panels come from the same company. After a little bending, welding and
grinding, (and few beers) it looks very good, but it takes alot of work.

54 F100
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Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 08:14:59 -0700
From: Kurt Stokke
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Primer

Marty: I was told to spray a mixed epoxy primer to seal & that leaves
you with more options as far as what kinds of paint you will be able to
use. You can always use the gray primer for areas needing additional
work. I am almost at the same point w/my '55 f100 but need to put in
both lower cab corners first.

> Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 21:11:07 -0400
> From: Marty Gatz
> Subject: FTE Pre61 - Primer
> Looking for info on primer I have all my patch panels in and want to prime
> them so they won't start to rust . With summer won't get a lot of time to
> work on truck . I have sand blasted around the windshield and other areas
> that would be hard to sand. I am going to put por-15 on the bottom of floor
> panels and down inside cowl panels. I have been told to use red oxide
> primer by a couple guys and others tell me gray primer with sealer. Most of
> the truck is down to bear metal any thoughts will be helpful . Thanks in
> advance.
> Marty 56 F350
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Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 14:22:58 -0500
From: Stu Varner
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Effie projects - kinda long. Sorry Ken!

Hey gang,

I am new to the Pre61-list (oldtimer on the 61-79 List). Here's the poop,
SWMBO and I were at PF a few weeks ago and thanks to her new found love of
53-56 models, it looks like I am trying to acquire one for a street rod
project. She basically told me to build one for her (yeah right!!) when I
am finished with my
1971 F-100 4x4 resto - which should be in a few months. So, I am trying to
acquire as many trucks as I can before she changes her mind! I have
located 3 trucks in town and here is what is going on with them. Any and
all advice is welcome!

My plans for the potential future truck are as follows in case you are

390 or 410 FE engine (if I can locate a good 428 crank)
4 speed toploader
31 spline - 9 inch 3.50 gear (four link)
Fairlane Fiberglass front clip
a complete Carpenter bed kit ( I will build )
The usual goodies and creature comforts including air, power windows and tunes

The first truck:
A 1955 F-600 (chrome grille) which can be had for a very small sum,
probably free or close to free.
The roof has major rot and the doors and cab corners are shot. There are
some decent pieces of metal that can
be used or sold. I will slavage whatever I can and store for later use or
The only major thing I will probably keep will be the chrome grille and
some of the other non-rusted parts.
I prefer the grille of a 55 over all others.

I will be careful not to throw away anything until I have determined it
cannot be used. I promise!!

The second and third trucks are located behind a fellas house in town.
There is a 56 F-350 flatbed that is in somewhat better shape than the
F-600. The 350 has some minor holes in the roof and the doors are rotten.
It would be a major job doing this one!! I am unsure what I can get this
truck for but it should be very cheap. Cab corners are shot, floor pans
are shot, etc. the usual stuff.
Ideas on a price for this truck??

The last and final truck is a 55 F-100 (It has a painted grille). The truck
has been painted once and has not been run since 1989. The guy (same owner
of the 56 F-350) has owned it since 1970 and he was the 2nd owner. The
underside of the (almost) perfect hood shows a beautiful aqua marine blue
paint which I presume is the original factory paint. The cab corners have
some minor problems and the floor pan needs replaced but the doors and the
remainder of the cab are in solid shape!
This truck has the greatest potential of them all but there is a snag.

The owner gave the truck to his nephew a few years ago and he has never
come by to claim it.
He is going to call him and see what kind of a price he will take for it.
I offered him 200
(which I know is low). I would go as high as 400 maybe 500 if I am in the
right mood.
Is this out of line??? It is not running and would have to be trailered to
the shop.

The front fenders on all 3 of these trucks are beaten up and have bondo in
them so they are basically useless.
Michelle also mentioned to me the other day the F-600 fenders have a larger
opening than the 100-350 trucks.

Ideas?? Comments??

Feel free to post to the list or privately, I am all ears. I am also on
digest mode so if you do post to the list please cc me at my email
address. Ask me almost anything about 67-72's and I can probably
help you out, start talking 53-56's and I am clueless!! Help!!


Nuke GM!

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