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FTE Pre61 - Running Boards
FTE Pre61 - Re: 351C Oil Pan
FTE Pre61 - Numbers
Re: FTE Pre61 - Famous Trucks
Re: FTE Pre61 - Engine Color



Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 11:04:34 -0500
From: The Neighbors
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Running Boards

A couple of you have been looking for wooden running boards. I think I
know a fellow who can make you a set. We talked about it a while back,
when I was considering wooden running boards for Grover. His name's Gene
"Woody" Wood, and he's a carpenter in the Indianapolis area. Fire off an
email to him at: Tell him I sent you.

- --
Don Neighbors
'54 F250 Named Grover

"Any dropped tool or part will automatically fall into the most
innaccesible part of the vehicle."
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Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 09:03:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Dan Lee
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Re: 351C Oil Pan

I am going to put an IFS in my '53. I have been collecting the parts
needed. I have a rear sump oil pan and pickup tube from a 'M' block. I
need a dipstick, which I plan to by from Ford. I read in this list
something about a bolt which has to be replaced. Can anyone supply the
details. Which bolt is this and what do I replace it with?

Dan Lee
'53 F100

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Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 11:27:12 -0600
From: "Dan L. Gable"
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Numbers

Please help,

I have what should be an original 1957 272 in my F100. However the =
block and head casting numbers are confusing me. What do these mean the =
head has ECZ-G and the block has ECG6015C. The intake number is =
ECW9425-B. Can anyone decode this and is it right for a 57 272.


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Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 16:30:29 -0800
From: "Abram H. Stauffer"
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Famous Trucks

FTE, Last year I saw an old movie with Henry Fonda as a father of about
8 kids. He worked for a mill out west and was trying to send his oldest
son to college (kid's name was Clay-boy). He drove around in the company
truck which was a '56 F-100 on the Mill location. When he went to see
the Dean of the college to get his kid in he left in the '56 but when he
arrived at the college location he was in a '53 I think. Can't remember
the name of the movie, I've seen it twice (but never in its entirety) by
channel surfing late at night.
Late me know if you've seen this movie and know the name and noticed
the same discrepancy with the 2 trucks.
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Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 20:52:04 -0600
From: "Byron Rosbrugh"
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Engine Color

Dan, you asked about engine colors, and I have a 1957 F350 and I would
assume that the engine is either a 272 or a 292, especially since it looks
like my 1956 F100 272. The entire truck is original, it has 71000 miles on
it and I know that nothing is other than factory. The engine is yellow,
the valve covers are a silver-gray color. The 1956 F100 colors are
identical. There is a red air filter, not oil bath, on the 1957, the
exterior color of the 1957 is Vermillion red, so I am not sure about the
dry filter element. Don't know whether Ford changed from oil bath to dry
in 1957, but perhaps someone else will know????Hope this helps. Byron

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From: Dan L. Gable
To: ''
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Engine Color
Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 8:12 AM

Can someone help, I need to know what color the 272 engine out of my 1957
F100 should be. Valve Covers Too? I am also looking for information
(pictures) of the two tone red / white color scheme that will help me get
the right panels red vs white.

Please help if you can.



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