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Re: FTE Pre61 - Excedrine problem #98



Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 09:11:10 -0400
From: 47Fred
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Excedrine problem #98 wrote:

> Well, its happened again. Just when my cab mounts came in from John's
> F-Funhundreds and were being installed, another problem. The rear of the 5.0
> on the Lincoln Town Car front clip will not let the cab come forward enough
> to let the cab sit on its original mounts. I knew this might be a problem
> from the original measurements taken before cutting the 57 frame off. I moved
> the front axle forward 1" to make this better and fill the front wheel wells
> better, but it still is not going to work.

> Another word of warning
> to those beginning the "restofying" or restoring process -- don't deviate
> from the established processes laid out by those on this site or those being
> paid to write articles for the classic trucking magazines. They've been there
> and know best, no matter how much you think you'll save doing it your way
> (remember $800 for the whole Lincoln?)!

I've been looking at this post for a week now, I know it needs an
answer, I don't know if I can answer, this is my try.

In the grand city of Detroit, there more designers, engineers, model
makers, fabricators, and accountants than there are stars in the sky.
The companies who employ these people have more money than God and
enough computer power outdo the brains of ever person that ever lived.
Yet all these people, all that money, all that computer power, it still
takes them over two and 1/2 years to design a new car platform, and that
incorporating carry over parts, motors and technology. Who would compete
with them, call their work flawed?

Now comes people like Glenn, me and you, who don't want the the
common warmed over truck that many are perfectly happy to have. We are
guys who won't put a "350/350/9inch" in. We are the guys suppliers love
to hate, we ask for the odd the strange, the unusual. We are the guys
that have to cut and bend and fabricate and invent. We are the people
that turn Lincolns into trucks, sweat into pride, mistakes into
triumphs. No mustang II for us, no chevy van steering columns we resist
the mundane. We are hot rodders. We call the work of Detroit flawed, we
make it right.

If you are not going to go with the crowd, you are going to pay a
price and the price includes frustration, delay, rework, aggravation in
the extreme. The reward? Something no one else in the world has, a
vehicle truly your own for better or worse, a sense of pride in
overcoming the obstacles, a unique machine of which you can say with
pride "I DID IT". In a world of cookie cutter machines what's that

Glenn asks what to do, and wonders..

> 4.) Punt?! (meaning: give this charade up -- how many feel
this way?)

When you stop beating your head against the wall, it feels better I
suppose. But if you think for one second that the fellows working for
"Custom Truck" know some thing you don't, think harder. They all go to
"Fatman's Fabrication" and pay him mega bucks to figure it out, and I
bet you'd love to see the junk in his backyard that they never snap a
photo of. Walk away for a while, get a fresh perspective. How do you get
out of the current mess? Rework the firewall? set back the cab? reweld
the frame? How do I tell you what needs to be done, there is only so
much room here, it all has to look good or it's wasted.

At the end of the day, no one cares, there isn't any loss, its just
a lump of steel you try to put a soul into. It's not about you, its just
an expression of you in steel, that's all a rod is.

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