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FTE Pre61 - Re: 16" Wheels
FTE Pre61 - Re: Kingpins
FTE Pre61 - Hub caps
Re: FTE Pre61 - Hub caps



Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 07:40:11 -0700
From: Mel
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Re: 16" Wheels

> Thanks to all for the feedback, however Let me reword the question.
> the 16" rims were standard on the 53-55 with 15" as an option. The
> problem using those rims are the width. We need to find at least
> a 6" width and would prefer 7". We are looking for a later model
> truck rim that is 16x6 or 16x7 any ideas?

This may be the lazy way, but I have used Wheels Vintiques in Sacramento
a few times and they have solved all of my wheel problems. They are
reasonable with their prices too. They will tell you if there is
something stock you might use before doing something custom by them.
53 f100
34 5w
34 Roadster
70 El Camino
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Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 10:42:59 -0400
From: Ed
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Re: Kingpins

There seem to be two ways to do kingpins, the old fashioned way was to
install the bushings and then use a hand reamer to ream individually to

A local machine shop that does antique work told me that line reaming
the bushing so that they are not only to size but also aligned is far

Ed Sedgwick
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Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 12:17:53 EDT
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Hub caps

Hi I have been looking for a late 50's Ford F-100 pick-up hub cap. Dog bowl
style silver with red FORD letters. Does anyone have any they would be
willing to sell? (looking for one or more) I can send you a scan if you need
to see exactly what I need and the condition I'm looking for (Excellent used
or NOS). Even if you could steer me in the right direction I would appreciate

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Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 21:28:13 EDT
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Hub caps

You might try Wheel Vintiques out of Fresno, California. (209)251-6957.
The show several variations of the hub cap you are asking about in their
catalog. I saw one like the one you are describing, but no red letters, but
on a wheel they have, it has the red lettered cap on it. I have not purchased
anything from this company, so I couldn't tell you how the service is.
Good luck,
'52 F-3
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