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Re: FTE Pre61 - Positive Ground Battery



Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 20:49:13 +0000
From: Gary Vandergrift
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Positive Ground Battery

"I have never seen anyone do anything to modify a flathead starter for 12
volts. They seem to work forever as long as you don't overcrank. More
fear of destroying the ring gear on the flywheel."
doing a 12 conversion to my '37. The above statement has raised some
If I add an alternator and 12V battery, and the 12 to 6V regulator from an
earlier thread, Do I have to keep the ground on the PLUS side? Most 12V
systems are Negative ground and if I convert from 6V Positive ground will
starter run backwards or do I make the 12V system Positive ground?

Connect gauges to the 6V regulator.
Replace lamps to 12V.
Do I have to change the coil?
Leave starter alone (maybe I put it in upside down to compensate for the
polarity change).
Seems like the question about the starter going backwards would also apply
to the heater fan motor (one of the things to add in CT), and windshield
motor (already electric... wait - it goes back and forth... maybe I don't
care if it is going
Are these valid concerns? Is there a book or web site on the subject?
Thanks Gary V.

Ed wrote:

> The original solenoid on an old ford truck is grounded by the starter
> button. You have 6v coming off the center terminal, wire goes to starter
> button on dash, other side of starter button grounds it. When you push
> the button, the 6v flows from the battery thru the solenoid windings,
> thru the terminal, to the button and then to ground to complete the
> circuit. To check you would merely ground the center terminal.(If you
> check something like a NAPA catalog describing components, you'll find
> that starter solenoids come in two types - grounding or live feed)
> Your battery is normally connected + to ground on the block, - to the
> starter solenoid. However there is no definate ground from the block to
> the frame unless you add a cable. Everything under the dash is fed 6v,
> and needs a ground to complete the circuit - and the ground is the frame
> and the sheet metal. If you don't have a good ground you may get all
> kinds of intermittants, where the electical system works, then doesn't.
> These 6v systems never turned over fast, you still may have a ground
> problem in that the ground for the starter is its 2 mounting bolts and
> the fit of the starter into the bellhousing. Best advice is to run a
> cable from your ground point and connect it to the starter mount.
> Ed Sedgwick
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