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Re: horn button 6 volt regulator iC
50 F-1 stuff and introduction



Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 09:14:02 -0400
From: Chris Shepherd
Subject: re:exhaust

Thanks all for the information on the exhaust for the 47 with a 41
engine. We have figured it out and ordered the correct materials.

Thanks again.


Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 09:07 -0600 (MDT)
From: "Thomas R. Happel"
Subject: Re: horn button 6 volt regulator iC

Thanks for the replies! for those of you looking for the regulator,
I ordered all of the parts on-line from digikey ( The
3 regulators, 10 caps (you can only order in bulk), and three heatsinks
were less than $ 6.00. Tack on $5.00 for the convenience of shipping,
and I will have three regulators. One for each gauge (fuel, heat,
oil). The Radio and everything else was converted prior to install.
I will call the parts houses mentioned to find the horn button, I was
hoping that some of you customizers had an old one laying around after
replacing the Stock wheel with a new one.
Well all I have to do now is hook up the heater, the horn, and the
dome lights, and Big Red will be complete. Look for her rolling around
the streets of South Denver, and maybe a few local shows, or with the
Colorado V8 Club.

Thanks Again!!!
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'29 Model A Business Coupe '53 F-100
'66 Mustang Conv '97 Taurus
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>From: paul van pelt
>Your horn button should be available from "Mid-Fifties" at 800 252 1956
>The catalog shows it for $25.
>The 6 volt regulator 7806T 1 amp is available from JDR Micro at 800 538
>5005 $0.39 ea An alternative is a LM338K 5 amp adjustable regulator,
>you would need trimming resistors to set the voltage and a heat sink if
>the amperage output was moderate. However, if your 53 still uses a
>positive gound you may actually want a negative regulator either a 7906
>or an LM337T. Guages probably could be reversed for polarity but no way
>on radios ect. If you would like schematics for the circuits contact me
>and I'll forward them to you


Date: Fri, 12 Jun 98 12:35:42 CDT
From: (Paul T. Meysembourg)
Subject: 50 F-1 stuff and introduction

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 21:57:30 -0500
From: Rick Barron
Subject: Re:Ford 9" swap

Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 09:15:28 -0500
From: Stephen Hansen
Subject: Ford 9" and Gear ratios

Hey Rick and Stephen and all others,

First an introduction: I have been on this list for a few years now and have picked up
a LOT of interesting info but I haven't really felt that I could contribute much until
now. I am in the process of finishing up my total resto. on my 50 F-1 "nostalgia truck".
I decided to go with the Fairlane tilt front end, 9" in the rear, relocated gas tank to
the rear, got rid of the wing windows, stock front end minus a couple of leafs and
"dressed up" stock flathead with a few nice chrome goodies until the wife said "stop the
madness". :) I did own a very nice 54 for many years but really did none of the work on
it until I had to sell it for $$$.

On my 9" conversion on my '50, I had to get some spring perch shims to tilt the rear-end
yoke down to better line up with the drive shaft. A spring company will know exactly what you
are talking about when you go buy them. (lifted trucks use them a LOT!) Alternatively, you
could make up some. By the way my 9" is out of an early 70's F100 also (not sure of the year)
and it uses 2.75's. I am VERY interested in highway cruising with this truck.

I too, am working on the emergency brake problem for my truck. I may go with that universal
foot kit made by Lokar and sold in the Sac. Vintage catalog along with some modified
replacement cables from the later F100.

I also had to weld new shock mounts onto this rear-end - again got a nice little kit from Sac.

One other thing: I looked for an Izuzu trooper gas tank for quite a while with no luck. The
owner of the place just let me start looking through his collection of tanks with my tape
measure. I found a perfect fitting tank but he didn't know what it was from (he was pretty
sure it was from a Plymouth minivan or fullsize van). It is very flat and almost square and
just fit between the frame.

Thanks again and sorry to be so long winded!

Paul Meysembourg
50 F-1 with a parts F-2
Duluth, MN


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