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FTE Pre61 - Fuel Line Size?
Re: FTE Pre61 - Title
Re: FTE Pre61 - '55 3/4 ton brake booster
FTE Pre61 - 239 engine part number



Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 20:50:01 -0700
From: Dan Wentz
Subject: FTE Pre61 - Fuel Line Size?

Anybody know offhand the diameter of the fuel line out of the tank on a 50 F1?


1992 Ford Mustang LX
1950 Ford F1, 351C-2V (Now legally on the road)
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Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 00:03:50 -0500
From: Ray Cardogno
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - Title

>Ray Cardogno wrote:
>> >If your state is anything like Maine or Mass., you are in for a hassle and
>> >I'll >bet some paper mill in a magazine won't do much but lighten your
>> >wallet.
>> I am from Mass and I have had to have a New Hamshire friend register and
>> insure a vehicle first and then _sell_ it back to me. Mass does not believe
>> in the _spirit_ of the law.
>I know the feeling, I traded a '84 Chevy pickup for a 87 Ford cruiser,
>then had
>the register the truck in NH before the guy in Maine could get a title,
>Cost me
>$70, then when I transfered the plates onto my Mustang, just to some value
>back, NH wacked me or $16 in tranfer fees. Funny thing is Mass and Maine, have
>as much or more problems with stolen cars as anyone. The whole scam is just a
>clever way to rip you off.

That is exactly right. I've watched the prices rise *much* faster than

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Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 00:35:38 -0500
From: Ray Cardogno
Subject: Re: FTE Pre61 - '55 3/4 ton brake booster

>47 Fred & Ray Cardogno wrote:
>> >It's pretty obvious how it works, pressure from the master cylinder
>> >moves a piston in the booster, which opens a vacuum valve to cause the
>> >diaphragm to intensify the pressure which goes back to a distribution
>> >block on the master cylinder and to the wheels. What I was wondering,
>> >since those big o'l brakes have to use a lot of oil, and since there
>> >appears to be no reservoir on the booster, how do you fill it, bleed it
>> >and know its operating right? I don't know if Ted needs or wants this
>> >unit, but any opinions on breaking performance, reliability or such?
>> >
>> >47 Fred
>> It gets the fluid from your standard under-the -floorboard master cylinder.
>> It is like the difference of having standard and power brakes (duh). You
>> will have to move your brake switch to the output side of the booster as
>> the pressure now required for the average stop wont even close the switch.

>> Ray

>Well gee now Ray, I figured being Ford, that thing was put there to make life
>more miserable for mechanics and drivers, I never figured it'd make stopping
>easier. Actually, I was looking for a more technical discussion of the
>functionality of the thing, you know, beyond the "you press on the brake pedal
>and it stops." kind of thing.
>I see a gem in your statement that it gets its fluid from the master cylinder,
>but how do you fill it initially, and do they work well in practice? On this
>truck the stop lamp switch was in the usual location, in the "bolt" retaining
>the brake block on the MC. The block itself has 5 ports and no switch port

Sorry, I answer my mail after midnight and sometimes I can be pretty dense.

Watch out if your engine stalls. Like no brakes at all - no where near like
it was before the booster got installed. I have learned to let the clutch
out again to get the engine spinning for vacuum because of a stubborn
stalling engine problem I had once. Very scary.

To fill it... If you shunt your master cylinder and make sure it's full and
free of air then re-connect to the booster you can just pump it through the
booster and into the wheel cylinders. If you're not in a hurry you can just
gravity feed the whole system. I also have a pressurized bleeder with the
correct filler stopper and that is the easiest, but you need the gizmo.
Last time I did it was when I changed rear-ends on one of my larger beasts
to a 2-speed. I put compressed air into the system and blew out all the
fluid (use very little pressure). This was in order to change it over to
DOT 5 fluid which I highly recommend to anyone doing a new brake job. After
you fill the system just bleed the booster like another wheel cylinder, but
bleed it first. These are just my methods. I do a lot of crazy things on an
educated guess and they work for me sometimes :-)


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Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 01:52:56 EDT
Subject: FTE Pre61 - 239 engine part number

I have a 52 F-3 4x4 with the 239 engine. Can anyone tell me how or where to
find the engine part number? I can't seem to find any information in my
manuals identifying this. I did notice that the heads have "8BA" stamped on
them. In the "Ford flathead builder's handbook" there is one table with Ford
general specifications and for 1952 it shows V-8 B3 and for 1949 it shows V-8
8BA. So does that mean I have a 1949 falthead in there, or could it only be
1949 heads? If anyone could help me out on this I'd greatly appreciate it.

Rich Kouba
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