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Re: Flathead V-8 runs hot [Jerry Berndt ]
truck names [jc & terry ]
outline [jc & terry ]
tires [jc & terry ]
Re: Salvage yard trucks [Ray Cardogno ]



Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 10:41:09 -0400
From: Jerry Berndt
Subject: Re: Flathead V-8 runs hot

Don't forget to check the timing.
If retarded or advanced too far it will over heat.

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Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 16:09:56 -0800
From: jc & terry
Subject: truck names

I think just about any of these trucks preserved in the "before" state would
make a great Oscar. ;-)

How about using that bright puke green that they used to use on the early
Dodge Neons and name it "Kermit".

On the tailgate you can say "This truck was brought to you by the number 5
and the letter Q."

a bit of humor always puts a smile on may face.

T-bird Terry


Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 16:09:58 -0800
From: jc & terry
Subject: outline

I went with the Heidt's Mustang IFS kit for my 1941 half ton. It
seemed expensive at first, but when I compared the price for a dropped
axle, king pins, steering arms and linkage, shocks, disk brake kit, and
new steering box, it didn't seem too bad.
To get the discussion started, I place a brief outline below:

you did an outstanding job. extremely accurate and very little bias between
between the different options.couldn't have said it any better.

T-bird Terry


Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 16:39:36 -0800
From: jc & terry
Subject: tires

Also can I run radial tires on it or do I need to use =
>bias ply (It is all original). Thanks very much.

Your butt will thank you if you run radials--they're much softer. But if
you want a completely original truck then you'd have to stick to bias ply.

i can agree with the above as far as the stock comment but bias-ply are
dangerous tires for 1998 driving, especially if you are still running a
strait axle. bump-steering and bias-ply tires is what causes your truck to
swerve radically everytime you catch a pothole or joint in the pavement.
you will also freakout if you have ever had to brake hard from a hi speed.
this endangers you( not really concerned) and me (extremely concerned) when
you lose control at 60 and i am next to you. this is the reason radials are
used exclusively and bias-ply are sold by special interest groups for shows
and such where stock is needed. get 2 sets, drive down to the show on the
radials and then swap on the bias. when your done showing your truck, swap
back. fact is, radials handle better, stop better and disapate the water

T-bird Terry


Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 01:30:20 -0400
From: Ray Cardogno
Subject: Re: Salvage yard trucks

>I am interested in where you
>saw all thoes (salvage yard) trucks?

I am looking for an F-100 Milk/bread truck from 53-56 to use as a daily
work truck. Can't seem to find one. Most people look at me kinda funny like
I'm crazy for even wanting one. That's me! Anyone know where one is? Full
of scrap iron or chickens is OK. Thanks

Ray C


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