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Subject: fordtrucks-digest V2 #22

fordtrucks-digest Monday, January 26 1998 Volume 02 : Number 022

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Headlight Relay and the F100 Nats ["Don & Teresa Neighbors"
ADMIN: Pigeon Forge Info [Ken Payne ]
Re: 292 Engine oil problem [Thomas Kurzawski ]



Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 09:40:53 -0500
From: "Don & Teresa Neighbors"
Subject: Headlight Relay and the F100 Nats

Not long ago one of you mentioned putting a relay in your headlight
circuit. Now you've gone and made all them gears in my brain start moving,
and I'd like to know how you did that. I think I'd like to do that with ol'
Grover as I convert to 12 volts, and since I've had trouble with Ford light
switches on 3 of the 5 Ford products I've had over the years.
Ken, I think the Neighbors bunch will probably camp out for the F100 Nats,
but since there are a blue million campgrounds in that area, I don't think
we'll have trouble finding a place to stay. However, If there happens to be
one in particular that is doing business with the F100 Nats people, it
could be a lot of fun if some of us got together at a campsite.
I know, that's just one more bug in your ear. Do I need to remind you that
you're working your buns off on this? I think we need to seriously discuss
forming a club so the labor can be spread out next year. Then you can get
one or two nanoseconds of rest!

Don N.
'54 F250 Named Grover


Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 14:18:47 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: ADMIN: Pigeon Forge Info

Information for those planning on attending the F100
Nationals in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., May 12-16.

Show lingers on through the 17th. We plan on being there
with a booth May 15-17th.

Here's information about lodging. I wanted to recommend
hotels but its taking a ton of my time so I'm simply going
to present some web site addresses for everyone. My wife
and I got married in this area and a travel agent got us
very good rates. Those who don't want to call any of
the hotels listed should try a travel agent. - Hotels/motels - Campgrounds - Entertainment - Shopping - Restaurants - Map and milage
from major cities.

Gatlinburg - about 8 miles outside of Pigeon Forge. Much nicer
town - hugs the river and its nestled right on the opening
of the valley. Town is built on both sides of a river which
runs between the mountains. - Hotels/motels - Attractions - Campgrounds - Maps and milage

Nearest airport is in Maryville, south of Knoxville. Don't know
exactly how far from Pigeon Forge but I would guess 60 miles
or less.

Another good place to stay is Sevierville, which is about 5-10
miles outside of Pigeon Forge. Don't have any information on
that town (yet). This is where Peggy and I tied the knot. Not
much to do here but I'm sure the rates are good and its not
far from Pigeon Forge.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 21:37:47 -0600
From: Thomas Kurzawski
Subject: Re: 292 Engine oil problem

Hallo there,
I need some help and or advice how to solve the problem of not supplying oil
to the rocker assembly.
The engine is a 292 with external oil pump.
Any commend appreciated
Thomas K.


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