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In this issue:

F-350 or larger [Ray Cardogno ]
Re: Gas tank - repair or replace? [Rich Garber ]
ADMIN: Server update and FTE additions [Ken Payne ]
Fuel Gauge [ ( DAN LEE)]



Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:48:06 -0400
From: Ray Cardogno
Subject: F-350 or larger

>Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:16:45 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Dan Koster
>Subject: Re: F-350 or Larger...
>Nice to hear about your 'big boys' - F-500, F-600, F-700. What I
>really need is some advice on which to look for. I need a truck that
>is an F350 or bigger. I don't need a flatbed, dumptruck, etc. I just
>need the bigger body style. I'm actually going to be using the truck
>for general small-farm use. I'm looking at the fifties because I like
>the body styles from back then. The truck I get will not be restored,
>but will be cleaned up, rebuilt and made to look sharp.
>What are the differences between your 500, 600 and 700?
>(specifically - engine, weight, axles, towing, etc.)

They all have Y-blocks 272 - 314 I beleive.

>How do these compare to, say, a 400?

I don't believe the made an F-400. The front fenders on the F-500 has a
larger wheel opening than the F-350 to accomodate 7.50x20 tires and a much
tougher suspension. I would say you need it if you want to pick up
sand/gravel etc. I do it all the time with say 5 tons of material. Never
gives me a problem. I use my 55 F-500 more than any of the others,It's all
rebuilt, peppy, turns on a dime, nice stereo etc. but I am probably going
to sell it because I have too many trucks. My wife is tired of being "Truck
Poor". I am keeping the F- & C- 600's because they are big enough to handle
most anything I throw at them.

F-500 14K gross 2-speed axle with 9-foot stake body dump,
F-600 15K gross 2-speed axle, 14-foot stake body dump,
C-600 18K gross,18-foot rollback ramp (in construction)

>Also, which year(s) is(are) your favorite?

My favorite is the Cabover. It handles like a dream and steers even easier
than the F-500 (but needs more room). It's got a nice view sittin up there.

>Thanks for letting me pick your brain.
No Prob,
Ray C


Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:54:01 -0500
From: Rich Garber
Subject: Re: Gas tank - repair or replace?

>My inclination is to spend the money and get a new tank so I won't have to
>worry about rust, et cetera, but if five minutes with J-B weld would fix
>this, it seems like a waste of money.

My wifes car had a pin hole leak easy to get to, droped the tank, cleaned
the hole and J-B weld. Five years later sold it. No more leaks.

Also, had a tank soldered. again worked great.

54 F100


Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 23:34:39 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: ADMIN: Server update and FTE additions

Lots of Ford Truck Enthusiasts news below, please read!

Web site: nearly working 100%. Chat is still broken.

New list server: I have new live versions of the lists working on
the new server. Digests are not working yet. As soon as the digests
are working, all the lists will be moved over and instructions sent
out. Commands and posting methods will remain the same, only the
addresses will change. The web site form and FAQ will also be updated.

As soon as the new lists are working then the following items will
get the attention they desperately need:

- -web site pictorial updates
- -web site link updates
- -free web space configuration. This shouldn't take long because the
new server is geared towards this. Additional web space beyond
the free 300k will be available for $1/month per meg (my cost).
I have about 6 meg available for free web space (about 20 sites).
There is a voting form on the web site concerning web space,
your opinion counts.
- -new chat script (tests confirm that this one shouldn't crash like
the old one kept doing)
- -t-shirt pictures will be reviewed and winners announced. Design
won't begin until after the Pigeon Forge F100 Nationals in mid
- -A vendors section will be added to the page. This will be a
section that vendors can use to provide discounts to list members
and page visitors. We will get a small amount which helps to
cover our site expenses (they've gone up considerably) and pass on
the majority of the discount to you. The Working Mat will be the
first vendor in this section (they suggested this excellent idea).
More information will be available after details are arranged.
- -Pigeon Forge F100 Nationals Information (will be posted by this

We will no longer pay for additional lists!! So the following will
occur shortly:

- -Vote for Performance/Hot Rodding truck mailing list. This ought
to take some mail pressure off the 61-79 list (busiest list).
- -Wanted/For Sale List: Additions to the Classifieds section on the
web site will automatically get posted to this list. No more
browsing of the ads page if you subscribe to this list! You'll
know immediately if someone has the part you need plus you'll be
able to respond directly to the person who posted the ad.

Sorry to be a stranger lately,
Ken Payne
CoAdmin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 00:46:00, -0500
From: ( DAN LEE)
Subject: Fuel Gauge

I just replaced my worn out OEM fuel gauge sender with an after
market unit. Also included was a six volt regulator, since I have a
12 Volt system I need this to maintain the accuracy of the gauge. I
sent the first regulator back to the vendor, because I could not get
6V out of it. The output just bounced between 12V and 0V. Today UPS
delivered my replacement regulator, I hooked it up and behold,
bouncing between 12V and 0V. At that point I pried the device open
and looked inside. it is just a bimetal spring with a contact and a
heater wire on it. The idea is 12 Volts is connected to both the
heater and the output until the bimetal heats up and breaks the
contact, then the voltage drops to 0V. If the adjusting screw is set
right then the average voltage will be 6V(50% duty cycle). I twisted
the adjusting screw as far as it would go and could not get 50% duty
cycle. Even if I could the state of charge of my battery and my
alternator output would affect my gas gauge. I think that I am going
to search for a more accurate method of suppling 6 volts to my gauges.

Dan Lee
'53 F100


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