fordtrucks-digest Monday, April 20 1998 Volume 02 : Number 108

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big window. [jc & terry ]
FMX transmissions [MichellHC ]



Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 21:04:01 -0700
From: jc & terry
Subject: big window.

The "wraparound" windshield crowd won't have anything else because they
are so addictive! I have a '60 and have fallen in love with ANYTHING
with wraparound glass in front ('56-'60 in the Ford truck).I like the
way the doors are cut out to fit around the windshield, and I also like
the large wiew and the way my inspection sticker faces left - not
forward!I DON'T like the idea of having to replace the gasket, I bet
that piece of glass is realy heavy and expensive!
'60 F-100-"Phil"

if ya like the big front the big back is even better. here i have plenty of
fronts to pick from for my 58 and 59 but the 8 has a big back. really cool.
i found 2 extra pieces of back glass over the last couple of years and they
were pretty cheap but you grab em' while you can. they are u-shaped.
T-bird Terry


Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 01:19:09 EDT
From: MichellHC
Subject: FMX transmissions

Gee guys,

I see a lot of folk have comments about the FMX tranny. I will put in
another comment or two into this thread. The FMX as I had noted was a cousin
of the cruise-o-matic, these transmissions were cast iron except for the bell
housing and it was aluminum, and I think but am not a hundred % sure that a
C-4 bell housing will fit into it. If so you should have no problem finding
one. However I do know that these transmissions were used behind not only FE
engines, but also Clevelands which has the same bell housing pattern as all
Ford small blocks. It also was installed in Fords with 351M and 400 engines
too, and they have the same bell housing pattern as 429 and 460 engines. So if
one looks they can find the correct bell housing for virtually any Ford eng
they want to put in front of it. Parts for these trannys are easy to come by.
Last, these were great trannys and extremely tough, and very dependable, but
were never popular with the street crowd because they were heaver than the
ever popular C-6, hence all the speed and trick parts were made for the C-6
instead of the FMX. You can find these transmissions in Ford trucks and cars
starting after the cruise-o-matics were discontinued. Probably in the late
sixties, and continued to who knows, probably late seventies, or there about.
The first one I remember seeing was in a 73 Cougar convertible I bought in 73.
So really guys, just because they are step children, they aren't that bad a



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