Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 03:50:22 -0700 (MST)
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Subject: fordtrucks-digest V1 #73

fordtrucks-digest Tuesday, December 9 1997 Volume 01 : Number 073

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53 subframe [Dave Lewis ]
Re: fordtrucks-digest V1 #72 [J truck W ]
front clip [jc& terry ]



Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 14:46:11 -0800
From: Dave Lewis
Subject: 53 subframe

I used the front end out of a 79 volare. Took me most of a weekend
to install, including removing the old axle. I have no regrets. Power
steering comes with the crossmember and all the suspension. Actually
now that I've done one I don't think I would do anything else, it was a
brezze. I did not weld mine in though. There are basically four bolts
that hold the front end on and the back two are the same width as the
frame so that really easy. The front ones I just made a bracket that
sticks out of the side of the frame about 3 inches. This is where the
front bolts up. No problem. If you want any details feel free to email
Dave (
53 & 54 Merc Pickups


Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:28:56 EST
From: J truck W
Subject: Re: fordtrucks-digest V1 #72

You got the right idea. A new front clip will give you a whole new feel to the
ole hauler. I have a '50 F-1 and installed a Volare clip. I got most of my
info. from Classic Truckin magazine. They are real believers in this system.
The big question I had was the caster degree. My local front end guy helped (
it's 0 degrees) Sept. '96 there's a step by step. I got it in an older issue
but I don't know right off which one. If you use a chevy motor, you can use
the chevy p/s pump if you just get a new hose made at your local hose shop. I
used the chevy tilt wheel and adapted it to the old p/s box using the volare
main connection. I ground down and welded in a honda (from junk yard)
universal joint. Then a short shaft to the chevy compresson joint on the end
of the tilt column shaft. It looks clean and has an almost factory appearance.
The big problem I have seen with people who put in a Volare clip is that when
they splice into the frame they don't have the frame on the rake they will be
using and when they put it on the road, the caster is off and the front end
can't be alligned
properly and they feel like they are driving on ice. The Volare is one of the
best because with the double adjustable tortion bars you can lower the front
end as much as you like. With most other adaptions you are stuck with what you
My frame rails are 32 inches apart and I had to gusset a little but I think a
'53 has 35 inch and the Volare works even better.

Happy rebuilding,
Jim Wright


Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 15:51:40 -0800
From: jc& terry
Subject: front clip

I have a 53 Ford F-100 pick-up and want to up grade the front end. I would
like to do away with the old front end and weld in a late model front
subframe in order to get better suspension, disc brakes and power steering.
My other concern is to find a subframe that I could use the power steering
box and steering column that comes on it, and retrofit it on my 53. I would
like to buy a late model salvage wreck(if I could figure out what make and
model would work) that I could use front end,steering
colume,engine,trans,and anything else that might fit. Anyone have any ideas?

well, here we go again. if you are a good welder or have access to one all
you have to do is measure the width of the frame rails on yur truck at the
fire wall and i am sure you will find something suitable. ford, gm, and
chyrsler all make front suspension that will do what you want. you can do
like me and put a chevy truck front on yur ride but then you have to listen
to the moaning, wailing, and gnashing of teeth that will come from the
purists. you can go get one of those $1500 dollar mustang II clips that
everyone sells( the part for $400 in the ad is only the cross member) cars
that are popular are:

and of course anything that is about the same size. you still have to have
all the parts and replace what is needed. this can still be costly but worth

T-bird Terry


End of fordtrucks-digest V1 #73

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