Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 03:50:30 -0600 (MDT)
From: (fordtrucks-digest)
Subject: fordtrucks-digest V1 #28

fordtrucks-digest Friday, October 24 1997 Volume 01 : Number 028

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In this issue:

Re: Engine Removal [Gary Haselbusch ]
ADMIN: Sticker information [Ken Payne ]
Re: Engine Removal []
offset eng/trans []
Re: Power Brakes [Dan Wentz ]
39 ford flathead [Suzanne & Steve Ainey ]
'52 F-1 [Chris Griffin ]



Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 07:49:28 -0700
From: Gary Haselbusch
Subject: Re: Engine Removal

Don & Teresa Neighbors wrote:
> Well, it looks like the the old truck's engine only had about 100 miles
> left in it, as that's how far I went before the rings let go and I started
> polluting the atmosphere in earnest. Thanks to thegman, however, I have
> what looks to be a decent engine to replace the old one, after I tinker
> with it a little. Also got a great drive through the Virginias, to boot!
> Problem is, I don't think my engine hoist will lift the engine high enough
> to do the job! Do I take the grille and work through the hole where the
> radiator is supposed to be, or is this a job where the doghouse needs to
> come off? How do you remove the doghouse? I've never done that before.
> (This is a '54 with a V8, by the way.) Or should I just park it under one
> of my maple trees and get out the come-along?
> Don
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Don, I just finished dropping a 429 in me 54 and to do it I had to pull
the grille, radiator and hood. It fit in the engine compartment
beautifully. Make sure you have a good engine hoist and an adjustable
chain hook up on the engine. Good luck, Gary


Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 11:38:54 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: ADMIN: Sticker information

First I need to offer everyone who has been waiting on stickers
my sincerest apologies. I have **not** sent any out yet. The
job search got more hectic than I could have imagined. I flew
out of town twice for interviews, plus I've been doing 2-3
interviews daily (not including spending 90% of my evenings on
the phone with recruiters).

I have received a total of 4 offers, 3 of them yesterday. I have
accepted an offer and will begin working on Monday. Today I fix
the brakes on the truck and my wife's Escort, they're long overdue
(Escort is scraping metal!) and I can't put it off any more.
Tomorrow I mow the lawn (4 weeks overdue) and catch up on all the
things I've promised my wife I would do.

On Saturday I will begin sending out stickers (or I'm going to prepare
a list so my wife can do it on Monday). Please do not send any more
orders for them until I give the group the "okay" as I've really gotten
behind with many things and it will take time to catch up. It will
take several days to send them all out, I've got a ton of orders for

I feel really terrible about this whole sticker thing, it hasn't
gone the way I expected it to.

(hat in hands)


Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 08:43:48 -0700
Subject: Re: Engine Removal

>Problem is, I don't think my engine hoist will lift the engine high enough
>to do the job! Do I take the grille and work through the hole where the
>radiator is supposed to be, or is this a job where the doghouse needs to
>come off? How do you remove the doghouse? I've never done that before.
>(This is a '54 with a V8, by the way.) Or should I just park it under one
>of my maple trees and get out the come-along?

Removing the front wheels to lower the front of the truck can help alot
if You are close to having enough hoist hieght.
Put some good stout blocks under the truck somewhere so all the weight
doesn't sit on the brake drums.

Happy motoring,

Steve Delanty

Measure it with a micrometer,
mark it with chalk,
cut it with an axe...


Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 15:02:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: offset eng/trans

In my 55' Panel I'm installing a 351 w/ modified 400 heads and was told that
I would have to shift the eng/trans to the right 2" of stock position because
of the 75 Cordova front end that is on the truck to gain the needed clearance
for the power steering assembly. This is uncharted ground for me. Thanks,


Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:38:36 -0700
From: Dan Wentz
Subject: Re: Power Brakes

>I have just installed a disk brake kit on my 56 F-100 and am wondering if I
>should spend the $400 for the powerbooster-master cyl.-proportioning
>valve-and residual check valve in a kit or spend about 200 and run manual
>brakes I don't think I would have a problem pushing the pedal but am not
>sure about how hard it would be for others---I am using GM Calipers----the
>manual M/C would be a 1" diameter piston.
>Any info or experience regarding the conversion would be appreciated

I've had both on my truck and I actually prefer the manual brakes. Power
just didn't feel right to me.

Btw, the master cylinder I'm using now (72 Mustang) feels almost like power
for some reason.


1992 Ford Mustang LX
1950 Ford F1, 351C-2V
Check out my F1 page:


Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 20:50:46 -0500
From: Suzanne & Steve Ainey
Subject: 39 ford flathead

I'm working on my flathead, and have gotten to the distributor.
Everything I've seen
and read indicated that it should have a single points system. When I
took it off, it
had two. Obviously a dual point setup. I've read that they were
available back then.
The plate that the points bolt to has ford stamped in it. My question
is did ford sell dual point setups for the flathead? I have to replace
at least one set of the points,
should probably do both. Would they be the same as the original or
something completely
different? Also, where could I find out.



Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 21:49:39 -0500 (CDT)
From: Chris Griffin
Subject: '52 F-1

Please everyone, bear with me. I'm new to this mailing list AND new to
owning a rattle trap of a 1952 F-1. My son (all of 11 years) and I intend to
rehab it into some sort of a street rod or something.( quite a few of the
original parts are gone including the flathead and trans.)The cab is in good
shape other than a little surface rust, and the bed is pretty good. The
fenders are so so with a few holes and some bondo. I think I'll just replace
them with something more solid! The hood and grille are very good and I
think all the chrome trim pieces are here. Somebody put a late '70s 302 in
it with a C4 (I think) . they seem to work fine although the rear end is the
original.( not exactly a screamer!)

Anyway, we havent started doing anything yet...(he won't have a license for
several years) and I havent even cleared a space for it in the garage.

Does anyone have any good advice, or ideas, maybe some do's or don'ts?
We're on a fairly limited budget but we have time, tools and a little
mechanical skill.

Is it terribly complicated switching the steering/suspension to something
more drivable? (like power steering and disks ?)

Any comments or thoughts will be eagerly appreciated!
Chris (and Michael) Griffin


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