Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 03:50:22 -0700 (MST)
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Subject: fordtrucks-digest V1 #92

fordtrucks-digest Sunday, December 28 1997 Volume 01 : Number 092

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In this issue:

Rebuilding my 302 [Randall Colgan ]
Chat Party!!!!!!! ["Don & Teresa Neighbors" ]
old 4x4 [jc& terry ]
[none] [jc& terry ]
Chat Party! [Aronoff ]



Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 12:24:03 -0700
From: Randall Colgan
Subject: Rebuilding my 302

Is anyone familiar with the 302 high output from a 78 Mustang II? I want
to turn my regular 302 that I got from a 77 MII into a high output one. Is
the cam different? Or is it just the pistons that increase the
compression? Any advice would be appreciated.

Seasons Greetings,

Randall Colgan
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada
1952 F-1 Ford Truck


Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 19:58:22 -0500
From: "Don & Teresa Neighbors"
Subject: Chat Party!!!!!!!

If we're going to have a virtual party on Chat, who's bringing virtual

Don N.
'54 F250 Named Grover


Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 21:42:32 -0800
From: jc& terry
Subject: old 4x4

.> I am considering buying a 1954 F-100. I
was wondering if someone on the list could help me with a few questions.
First, was a 4x4 F-100 produced that year?

to the best of my knowledge 1959 was the first year of the factory 4x4.
there were however several versions of the aftermarket type that were made
for the railroads and the power co. etc. a new vehicle was purchased and
then was taken to the dealer that mounted this system. it sounds like you
got a 1954 4x4 anyway. who cares where it comes from. worst you would have
to do is replace the drive train.

>What engine combination was
avialable? A flathead is installed, and I thought 1953 was the last year
for the flathead. It is possible that a mistake was made somewhere in
titling the truck. Is there any way of determining the origin of this truck
by tracing the VIN? If so, where do I start?

i have no idea about this but i'm sure someone here does. if not, go to a
bookstore and buy a book. i have seen several on this subject.

>the truck that I am considering has a nearly perfect body, and very little
rust (just a little in the corner of the floorboard). However, it has a
late-model (70's) grille, cedar running boards and tail gate. I would like
to return the truck to "original" condition. Are the parts going to be hard
to find?

what do you call hard. i think you will find lots if you look. but then i
always look, even when i ain't buyin". as long as it's between 1 and 21/2 k
depending on the condition i' get it. if its over this it better start
running like a sewing machine or be getting pretty cherry. you can't buy
this for 5k and then try to fix it up. you'll have 20k in a 10 k truck.

>Any information is greatly appreciated. I love the look of the fat-fendered
Ford Trucks. I really want this truck, but I don't know if its worth the

worth my friend is in the mind of the beholder. if you want it go get it.
just remember, it's just a truck. if you miss this one , another will be by
in a few minutes.

you go girlfriend,

T-bird Terry


Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 21:44:11 -0800
From: jc& terry
Subject: [none]

in need of several parts for my 1959 F-100 custom cab:

Heater lever control: slide lever and cable for
Ford-O-Matic heater/defroster

White button or black?

T-bird Terry


Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 22:54:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Aronoff
Subject: Chat Party!

Saturday night was fun. There was actually more than one person in the
chat room! I hope this happens again sometime. Maybe we should plan more
"chat parties." Anyway, for those of you who are following my interest in
a 59 F100, I haven't bought it, but I am going to talk it over with a
local mechanic who is restoring a 58 F100 (if I can find him). Thanks for
all the info and advice.
"See" you all next Saturday night at 10pm eastern, 7pm PST, etc.


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