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pre61-list Digest Tue, 09 May 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 075

In This Issue:
Re: Hi Don!
Re: Subject: steering wheel cover/ stepside step bumper
Re: Springs
Inner Fender Suggestions
Re: Inner Fender Suggestions
Re: Toyota Steering/Column??
Some stuff for sale
Parking Brake Cable


Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 07:47:40 -0400
From: The Neighbors>
Subject: Re: Hi Don!

Glenn wrote:

Good to "hear" from you. What has been up on the Pigeon Forge front? I
plan on getting there in the middle of the day Friday. Looks like gas
be at least $1.50 in the Memphis area by then! I hope that won't defer
classics from the show!

Glenn in TN"

We volunteered you to do everything, Glenn. I hope you weren't planning
on having any fun in Pigeon Forge! ;-)
Things are starting to come together. The barbecue is at 6:00 Friday,
though if you want to help out you'll need to be there earlier.
Breakfast is at Alan Jackson's on Saturday, at 9:00. Anything else?

Don Neighbors
'54 F250 Named Grover

"Any dropped tool or part will automatically fall into the most
innaccesible part of the vehicle."


From: "mark">
Subject: Re: Subject: steering wheel cover/ stepside step bumper
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 06:44:27 -0500

appreciate all the suggestions regarding the steering wheel cover dilemma. I
took the low buck approach and got a "sport-grip" from Autozone. 3.99 plus
tax. one size fits all apparently. I was mildly surprised that one of these
things has as much stretch as it does and I'm looking forward to the next
muggy morning here in Houston (which is about 90% of them) and not having to
wash the black off my hands when I get to work. I might check out one of the
nicer leather trucker size wraps from wheelskins after I finish the
I didn't get any suggestions about the step bumper though. does anyone know
if I can find such a thing for a '59 step side or am I probably going to
need to fabricate one on my own?


(currently just a few pictures of the ol '59, but I'm working on it)


From: "Stephen Hansen">
Subject: Re: Springs
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 09:47:12 -0500

Spend the extra money and buy a new set, or have a new set made (a good spring shop can do it). Always do it in sets, perhaps do the rear axle now and the front at the end of summer. This would be a good time to replace the shackle pins also. if your still using it, that id stick with stock set up.
50 F-1


From: "shawn">
Subject: Inner Fender Suggestions
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 10:34:10 -0700

You folks have always mentioned if you have questions this is the place to ask, well i am
taking apart my truck finally so have a few questions. What seems to be the best overall protection
for the insides of fenders. Por15, Zero Rust, I was going to buff the insides of the fenders down to bare metal. Problem is they are all undercoated. Any suggestions on how to get this stuff off?
I would assume a 80 grind sander disc would plug up in no time, plus the paint on the outside of the fenders is still in good shape so i do not want to damage it with harsh chemicals. There is surface rust around the edges of the fenders inside where the undercoating was not sprayed or was very thin.
The cost of Por15 is about 140 a gallon (canadian) is this paint truly as good as they state or is there another product of lesser dollar that is equally as good. The truck will be a daily driver year round.

Thanks for the support.


Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 16:12:02 EDT
Subject: Re: Inner Fender Suggestions

I just finished the same project on my daily driver. I am really pleased w/
SEM Rustsheild. It is not UV sensitive and can be top coated as well. I'm
doing the running boards this w/e. Unfortunately I have no idea of the cost.

You can reach them 800.831.1122.

Their located
SEM Products
651 Michael Wylie Dr
Charlotte NC
Good luck,


Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 17:34:40 -0400
From: Fred Hooper>
Subject: Re: Toyota Steering/Column??

I bought a Borgeson spline adapter from mid-fifty, it had the toyota spline on
one end, and the "D" GM shape on the other...


Mangor Krogstad wrote:

> Earl
> The articles say's that a g.m. rag joint will work on a Toyota box ,but I
> can see some problems.The Toyota box is 11/16 by 36 splines,g.m. are 3/4 by
> 36 or 30 splines,that's only 1/16 diff.using the 3/4 g.m.joint but the
> splines are very small and I'd be worried about slippage.I suppose one could
> pack it with J.B.Weld to fill in the gaps,but ! Borgeson has a list on there
> web site that has all the sizes for g.m. and Ford column and boxes,


Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 20:47:37 -0400
From: WIlliam Hendrickson>
Subject: truck

Whats the purpose of the Cab over???


From: (R. Pietsch)
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 01:31:13 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Some stuff for sale

Good eveming fellow FTEers.

I saw some stuff for sale in our local newspaper this last weekend
that I thought would be of interest to some of you.

First off, let me preface this by saying that I have connection with
the seller. I am only passing this info allong to those who may be

The add said that the truck had been sold and that these are some
left over parts. They are all for a 1956 F100.

The adds read as follow;

Carpet, new in box, $100.00.
Chrome fender felt, new in box, $20.00.
Drivers window beauty ring w/clips, $20.00.
Radiator, V8 style, $35.00.
Radio, looks good but doesn't work, $50.00
2 stock & 2 deep dish rims w/gook tires,$20.00 each.
He also listed an Edelbrockcarb & manifold to a 351W and a set of
headers for same for $200,00 and $50.00 respectivly.

The Phone No. listed is 503-281-1371.
That's is in Portland Or.

Just thought I"d pass the info allong for those that might be

Good Luck

Rix56 'The Rat'


From: "Mangor Krogstad">
Subject: Steering
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 04:16:07 -0500

Has any one out there put a Toyota Power steering sector in a 57 F-100?I am
having trouble figuring out what to use for a pitman arm.


From: "Randy Selby">
Subject: Parking Brake Cable
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 12:40:25 -0500

A quick question, and then an advertisement.

I have a bolt clip on the parking brake cable on my '50 F-1. It is half-way
between the cab and the crossmember cable mounts. Where does this bolt to?
Is it a transmission or clutch housing bolt?

I have a friend in Central Illinois that is going to advertise his '50 F-1
for sale. It is in original condition, runs well (flathead V-8), and is
driven. I think he is asking about $1750. If someone would like a picture
or more details, e-mail me off list and I will try to hook you up. I also
have a "pile" of '52 F-2 parts if anyone is interested. I am also in
central Illinois.


Randy Selby


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