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pre61-list Digest Tue, 18 Jul 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 129

In This Issue:
Re: Fordson Pickup
Heat Resistant Paint
Re: Straight axle
Re: straight axle
Re: straight axle
Re: Heat Resistant Paint
Re: Heat Resistant Paint
ADMIN: New specifications section


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 22:37:45 -0500
Subject: Re: Fordson Pickup

> >>
> >
> Hello everyone:
> My name is Rafael and I writing from Cali Colombia. My problem is
> that I
> have 2 Fordson pickups for restoration but no one in this country
> knows any thing about these trucks.
> I'm searching since one year ago by Internet for at least one
> picture
> but by now I'm loosing the impulse. The only thing that I founded is
> at
> the Ford history where they said that the Fordson pickup truck was
> around 1932 and 1934.
> These trucks don't have any plate or tag, only one has a
> registration
> and says Fordson 1951, I don't know if this information is real.
> All bearings, the brake and clutch pedals, the brake drums, the
> chassis
> and many other parts have engraved the Ford logo and some of them
> made
> in England.
> I hope you guys understand my poor English and some one can find some
> thing
> that will help me to rebuild these beauties.
> You guys can write to me at
> Thanks and God Bless you all.Rafael.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


My dad has a book that is titled FORD Trucks and Transports since 1945.
It has some information and pictures of Fordson vans and a pickup
conversion from the van that was produced in England in the 1950's. If
you are interested, I could maybe scan you a few pages and E-mail them to
you. The book is of course in English. Yo habla Espanol muy un poco.
(I think I said that correctly.) Any way, let me know if you are
interested. I will have to go to my Uncle's house to scan the pages.
Good luck with your trucks.

Larry W. Blum, Jr.
Pensacola, Fl.



From: "Douglas R.">
Subject: Heat Resistant Paint
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 01:32:57 EDT

Anybody know of a good high temp paint in RED? I'm looking to paint the
intake of my y-block again and can't find anything in red that will hold up
to the center exhaust ports on the y-block intake.



Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 03:02:49 EDT
Subject: Re: Straight axle

You better figure on replacing the tie-rod ends and the drag link, along with
the king pins. Also the steering box is probable worn too. My 60 F100 was, I
replaced king pins, tie rods and drag link, and got rid of about half the
slop. Rebuilding the box is expensive, I've seen sector shafts and worm gears
for sell but they cost about $600 for the set. I've seen rebuilt boxes for
about $750. I'm thinking of going with a Toyota power steering box. Hope this
helps. Also I bought the drag link from Schucks and the king pins and tie rod
ends from Carolina Classics.
Bob Wood
60 F100
302/C6 It'll run some day!


Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 08:35:21 -0400
From: David Russow>
Subject: Re: straight axle

Chris & Jennifer

The following opinions were on another BB, yours to evaluate:

Contrary to popular belief, the solid axle front end on these trucks rides
pretty nice. Given it's rebuilt properly. There are kits out there that
are very inexpensive that allow you to install late model power steering,
and mid 70s Camaro disk brakes on these axles. All you really have to do is
replace the bushings, kingpins, and given the age of the truck I'd replace
the front springs as well. JC Whitney has replacement springs for about $75
each so they are not as expensive as some of the "truck" specialty houses
would have you believe. If you want to put it in the weeds you can opt for
one of the mono leaf kits that will drop the front about 3 in. However,
with the Camaro disk brakes and 14 in. wheels with radials you'll drop the
front almost that much anyway.

On the other hand there is always the Mustang II kit. They are easy to
install, use stock Mustang components and are very dependable. The cost of
the Mustang II with the big chevy disk brakes will be a bit more than
converting your solid axle like described above but its the only way to go
if you simply have to have an IFS in the truck. In this case I would
recommend Heidts only because I know their geometry is correct. If you want
adjustability with a Heidts unit you can always go with the coil over
option. It adds a little over $300 to the price however. The Fat Mans
adjustable unit has a good reputation but like someone else said Id weld it
in just to be on the safe side. It too can be equipped with the big GM

No way would I recommend putting money into the stock front end unless your
limiting your trips to a few miles from the house (at least with stock
springs). I think if your going to keep the truck you'll eventually end up
with some form of IFS, so I would say don't waste your money on the solid
axle. Since you don't see it like an open wheeled car of the 30s what good
is it. I think you can get a solid axle to ride and handle good on an open
wheeled car, but they dont weigh near as much as the truck and their center
of gravity is going to be much lower.

I have to agree. I had a 52 ford with a straight axle. Rebuilt the
springs, new king pins, new tie rods, power steering conversion, it was OK
but it still would'nt handle like a modern truck, and it had several
limitations, for instance, you can't run a very wide tire on the front, if
you do, it starts to shimmy at about 60 mph, also on a rough road, the ride
is terrible, a function of the unsprung weight.

Like I said different opinions - hope this helps




Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 09:43:44 -0400
From: F Hooper>
Subject: Re: straight axle

Hi Chris,

Chris/Jennifer Chambers wrote:
Is anyone else running a truck with the old straight axle, and if so are
they really this bad or is my worn out?

Yours is just worn out. I have a '56, with a V/8 automatic set up, which
shall remain nameless. I didn't want to put $2,500 out for an IFS system
(that was more than I paid for the truck ) So, I added the Toyota power
steering box, which involved a adapter, the box, a new pitman arm, a
borgonson (sp) joint, a power steering pump, and new hoses with the right
fittings on each end. The total cost was around $700. The truck now steers
as easily as any power steering set up. I also added the NoLimit
Engineering front disc brake kit, which uses the large GM calipers with a
late model Ford truck rotors. This was around $500. So now it stops darn
good. On smooth road it handles great no wobble vibration or stray. On
rough road, it rides like and old truck. It is an old truck and I wouldn't
go 40 or 50 down a gravel road with it even if I could. I put too much work
into it for that. I still have done nothing with the springs.

So, as you can see if your are going to do a total rebuild of the axle and
springs, then ad power steering and brakes, you would be right around the
cost of and IFS and still not have the ride quality.

If and when I do switch mine, I'm still not decided what it will be when it
grows up, I'm looking at the Industrial Chassis IFS because it uses '90s
technology in the form of Dodge Dakota pickup components. In other words a
system that was designed and built for a truck not a 2000 pound car.

Good luck


From: "O'Connell, Dennis M">
Subject: Re: Heat Resistant Paint
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 07:11:27 -0700


Try POR 15. I used it on both my engine and exhaust. Great stuff. One of
the web sites is :


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> From: Douglas R.[]
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> Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 10:32 PM
> To:
> Subject: [pre61-list] Heat Resistant Paint
> Anybody know of a good high temp paint in RED? I'm looking to paint the
> intake of my y-block again and can't find anything in red that will hold
> up
> to the center exhaust ports on the y-block intake.
> ________________________________________________________________________


From: "Tim Mortimore">
Subject: Re: Heat Resistant Paint
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 07:49:27 -0700

bill Hirsch engine paints are rated to 600f. I don't know if that is enough
for your application, but they are definitely a quality product.

Tim mortimore
58 panel
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From: Douglas R.>
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 10:32 PM
Subject: [pre61-list] Heat Resistant Paint

> Anybody know of a good high temp paint in RED? I'm looking to paint the
> intake of my y-block again and can't find anything in red that will hold
> to the center exhaust ports on the y-block intake.
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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 23:42:28 -0400
From: Ken Payne>
Subject: ADMIN: New specifications section

There's a new specifications section of the web site which
features releases from Ford Motor Company. These releases
include overviews, specs, features and options. Models will
be added as Ford makes additional releases. More than a dozen
2000-2001 models are currently featured.

See the section at:

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts


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