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pre48-list-digest Thursday, October 28 1999 Volume 02 : Number 105

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FTE Pre48 - ADMIN: New policy
[Fwd: FTE Pre48 - 37 Ford Platform Stake]



Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 19:36:16 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Pre48 - ADMIN: New policy

ADMIN: New policy ---- Please read!

As many of our old-timers may remember, we started a
policy of filtering out all special character formatting
and HTML in emails posted to the list.

This policy was put in place over 2 years ago because
many people where using email software that could not
handle such items correctly (mostly Unix email software).
This made life easier for those users but there was and
continues to be a tremendous burden on the list admins
and many users who post for first time.

There are many reasons for these burdens:

1. Many first time posters have font and/or color
settings in their email software. Their first post
gets rejected by our list server and they receive
an email detailing how to change the settings in
their software.

2. For each of the instances of item 1, either Keith
Srb (admin of three of the lists) or I have to
****manually**** send the instruction email.

3. Some users are unable to correct their settings,
either because they are unfamiliar with their
email software or our standard mailing does not
software their particular software (there is no
way we can possibly cover all email software

This is not something that occurs occasionally, but
happens many times each day. FTE has grown well
beyond the size it was when the policy was started.
At that time, we had less than 1,000 subscribers.
We now have over 5,000 and the lists continue to

FTE has always been something that I care deeply
about and I've continued to offer more free services
to our users as funds have allowed. While our funding
has increased and we're no longer losing thousands
of $$$ per year on this hobby gone amuck, my available
time has remained constant.

As some of my friends that I've made through the
lists know, FTE has been cutting into my family life
for a LONG time. 90% of this time is administering
the lists.

The demographics of email users has changed considerably
since we first instated the policy. Fewer than 1% of
our visitors are using Unix software as opposed to
15% 2 years ago. Most new releases of Unix email
software now supports HTML and character formatting.

The policy is obsolete. Beginning sometime next week
we will be removing the filters.

Rest assured that users who abuse this by using loud
fonts, huge characters, etc, will be warned to tone
it down.

Additionally, since the current filters block out
any possibility of viruses getting posted to the
lists, when the filters are removed, new filters
will be put in place which will block out file
attachments such as:

JPGs, GIFs, DOCs, COM, DLL, EXE, etc...

This will prevent email viruses getting posted.

Ken Payne
Admin, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 23:12:33 -0400
From: gary vandergrift
Subject: [Fwd: FTE Pre48 - 37 Ford Platform Stake]

My '37 1/2 ton has an aftermarket bed. The gas tank is at the rear
of the frame right against the back rail, far back as it can go. The
filler tube us on the drivers side just above the frame and behind the
fender. Since the bed is aftermarket, I cannot vouch for the rest of
the info except there is no room for the tank anywhere else.
Gary V. in CT

John Mathieson wrote:
> I am trying to track down some information on the 1937 Ford platform stake
> truck. 37 appears to be the first year this vehicle was offered by Ford
> and the Standard Catalog of American Light Duty Trucks indicate it is
> Series 77 Mode 805. It was a 1/2 ton pickup with a raised platform in place
> of the pickup bed. My question is where was the gas tank and filler tube
> located and where did the spare tire go since there was no room on the
> running board. I have inquired about this in the past and was hoping a
> new subscriber might some idea. Thanks in advance for the help.
> John Mathieson
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> ICQ 657462
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== FTE: Uns*bscribe and posting info


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