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Re: FTE Pre48 - Steering Box



Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 07:17:05 -0500
From: Chris Chambers
Subject: Re: FTE Pre48 - Steering Box

Hey John,
I WAS able to get the pan out in one piece, several people said that these pans
are rare to find still attached because they were discarded early on when work
was being done. I disconnected the steering linkage and exhaust and was able to
wiggle the pan loose.
I have all of the front sheetmetal off of my truck so I was able to remove the
engine and trans as a unit. I just happen to have access to a backhoe and simply
tied a chain arond the motor toward the back to get the proper angle, it came out
with no problem. The motor is a six, so I guess this made it easier too. I guess
I was lucky to get to use the backhoe, it made easy work out of a tough job.
Thanks for your interesest in my problem, you did not miss any responses that I
remember about this.
- -Chris, panel truck wrote:

> I am very curious if someone answered the question about removing the engine
> pan from around the steering box. My computer had some problems and I lost a
> few mailings. I was very curious as to some of the responses. I hated to
> see the person cut the engine pan, and hope someone intervened.
> To my knowledge, if I understand the problem correctly, the pitman arm and
> the drag link should be separated and the pan upbolted from the frame and
> removed. Don't cut the pan!
> Also, when you remove your engine BE VERY CAREFULL. The flathead is a big
> piece of cast iron and is very heavy. Also don't use a modern engine stand
> without supporting the block from the front as well. The bell housing isn't
> designed to structurally support it. Flatheads were designed to be supported
> from the side at the exhaust ports. There is documentation of these accidents
> happening in the "V/8 Times" so don't let anyone tell you different. You
> don't want to lose your block nor risk it falling on you. I didn't have an
> engine stand, so I built a strong low table out of 2x6s and laid two 6x6's
> across the top spaced the width of the pan rails. This allowed me to work
> safety on the engine and flip it end over end when I wanted to turn it over.
> It was cheap and secure and it worked.
> good luck
> John Brecht
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