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Re: FTE Pre48 - 40 3/4 tonner brake drums



Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 20:07:01 -0400
From: Gary Vandergrift
Subject: Re: FTE Pre48 - 40 3/4 tonner brake drums

for your parts needs you might try this:
I have found a guy in R.I. who has 4 barns full of old and NOS stuff.
He is Ray Helger and his e-mail address is:
home page:
nothing at the page except his e-mail address.
ps. I have those same wheels, I was shocked when I took off the hub
I have had some old fords and they always had the same bolt pattern of
a newer ford truck.
Gary & '37 1/2 ton wrote:
> Hello one and all:
> I have a '40 3/4 tonner that I am restoring (gradually). In rebuilding the
> front end I had a revelation about the break drums -- that someday they will
> wear out and I will be SOL unless I can replace them. My desires are to do
> an actual restoration and would prefer to have the original drums. These are
> unusual as they are the 10.75" bolt pattern and my wheels have the LARGE hole
> in the center. In the event that I can't find the original style drums. Can
> the '40 spindles be retrofitted with late-model drums and bearings? What is
> the model of the part that would work?
> I also have a thought for Chris with the panel truck. Take your time, do
> your research. If you don't have unlimited funds this will be a long
> process. I know how hungry you are for infomation, you want as much as you
> can find out and want it now. I was there, and after five years I am still
> hungry for information (hence, my request above). You run the risk of going
> hog wild, jumping in blindly and realizing you are over your head. Then it
> isn't fun anymore. Join the V/8 Club of America - a good source of Ford
> flathead info. "Skinned Knuckles" is a good general purpose magazine with
> excellent techincal articles. "This Old Truck" is another fine mag. Last
> but not least this list is great access to people that know. Picking brains
> is a good source of information. I wish you luck on your panel truck
> (though, I wish you were restoring and not modifying, restoring is bringing
> back to original and happens to be my thing). I empathize with your need for
> information and to get to work on the truck, but I would like to warn you to
> take it easy, don't rush it, you will always be learning.
> By the way, what is the rear-end on your panel truck? Is it a 3/4 ton model
> or a half ton? I am looking for a 4.11: 1 rear that will replace my 4.87:1
> (the 4:11 was an option for my truck in 1940).
> John
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