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Re: FTE Pre48 - 46 pu



Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 10:16:29 -0500
From: 47Fred
Subject: Re: FTE Pre48 - 46 pu

M Jones wrote:

> I was beginning to think I was the only one out here.
> I've got a 46 that I've had since I was in the 6th grade. It needs
> everything, I just bought a 77 F150 with a 460. hey, I needed something to haul parts for the 46!!
> I'd love to hear some comments from others with 42 - 47's.

Comments? You want comments? How about a whole story?

When Ford designed the '42 pickup, I think they hired some guy who
thought the Mack Bulldog is cute. If you look at the Dodge, Chevy and
International trucks of the same period you see some class, curves and
chrome, not bad stuff. Now look at the '42 Ford, looks like it ran into
a brick wall and was rebuilt by a stone mason. Anything built that ugly
got to have some friends.

Back in the early sixties, my father, who was just getting serious as a
lobster fisherman, needed a truck to haul his traps. Into the yard
rolled a black, somewhat beat '47 Ford pickup. Wood bed, 6 cylinder
flatmotor, 4 speed with "dually dual" low gear, military style tires,
sidemount spare, and little else. Because back in the sixties everyone
lived forever, us kids always rode in the bed, and I tell you there is
nothing quite as much fun as laying on your stomach, watching the road
thru a hole in the bed, while listening to the whine of a 40's drive
train. 47Fred was born.

That old truck proved to be a killer in the winter, wouldn't start for
love or money, I remember more days than one coming downstairs and
finding my Dad cooking the spark plugs on the stove while the battery
warmed up on the floor. That old truck soon got outgrown and was
replaced with a '58 Dodge and thus fell into my merciless hands.

First, we used it for a woods truck, a friend and I cut pulp wood, and
we'd load a cord or so of green spruce on the old beast, fire the motor
with a remote starter button, while at the same time, helping out the
starter with the engine crank, pop it into "dually dual" low, off we'd
go. One day we ran over the fender brace while backing up, and tore off
half the bed, to make it simple we busted off the other half, and made
it easier to load.

Then I decided I need a race truck, I took out the six, and bolted in
a '56 Dodge V8 with a Powerflite trans. Never on the road with it, but
we sure had fun burning the tires while crossing the public highway from
my house to my friend's. I bet there are still rubber marks under the
pavement. Naturally this was the end of that truck, and eventually it
was hauled to the town dump in pieces, and without any regrets either.

A few years ago I came across an old photo of the truck, stuck in a
snow bank in the field across the street from my parents house. That old
truck was just a ugly as a house on fire in the photo, but I'd give a
lot to have been less destructive 30 years ago. Maybe that's why those
ugly '42's have at least one friend these days.

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