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FTE Pre48 - ADMIN: List policy



Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 16:35:12 -0500
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE Pre48 - ADMIN: List policy

Several things need to be addressed:

1. Lately there have been many posts in which people
have taken it upon themselves to be list vigilantes.
Complaints and comments about the posting practices
of others should be sent to the list admin
( for small chassis, 97up
and performance lists and for
all others). Let the admins handle the policing of
policy, especially if you aren't sure what our
policy is. Such complaints cause just as much list
noise (if not more) than the issue being complained

2. Read the FAQ before posting for the first time.
The subscription introduction email asks that new
members read the FAQ and gives the web address for
the FAQ. One of the issues addressed is off-topic

3. For the record: we don't require you to remove
quoted text in replies. Standard practice on most
mailing lists is to include a quote. Remember that
just because you may receive the digest version of
the list, others may not and do not have the same
continuity of topics. Quoting is very helpful to
non-digest members. However, please leave in only
quoted text that is relavent to your reply. A good
example of excessive quoting is sending a 2 line
reply with a 15 line quote.

4. Please limit the size of email signatures. This
problem is compounded when your email service (Yahoo,
Hotmail, etc) appends its signature below yours.

Ken Payne

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