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pre48-list Digest Wed, 28 Jun 2000 Volume: 2000 Issue: 032

In This Issue:
Re: Gas line
46 update


Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 06:09:27 -0400
From: Thomas Teixeira>
Subject: Re: Gas line

At 11:24 PM -0500 6/27/00, D Mack Lewis wrote:
>I am going to replace my fuel line and have the choice of copper
>w/brass fittings or steel & copper plate. Any opinions as to which
>is best?

Steel with copper plate is better for the lines. The copper will
become brittle and crack eventually from vibration. You could
probably get away with copper on very short runs (like from the fuel
pump to the carburetors where both are firmly mounted to the same
piece of metal), but make sure there is some rubber or plastic
flexible hose between fuel lines mounted to the chassis and the

Tom Teixeira
1935 Ford Pickup (flathead V8)


Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 21:01:49 -0500
From: Michael Ray Jones>
Subject: 46 update

Just thought I'd see if I could generate some traffic on the list.

I have a 46 1/2 ton pickup that's been sitting forever, and I've decided
to start working on it some. I've had this truck since I was in the 6th
grade (almost 30 years), and now it's mostly a rustbucket. I drove it
for several years, and it's been in my family since nearly new. I've
started sanding and priming just to stop the rust. I've also bought a
welder and I'm going to start teaching myself so that I can fix the cab
corners, etc.

I hope to hear some similar stories.


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