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perf-list Digest Wed, 18 Oct 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 156

In This Issue:
Re: 2.9 gets tinkered with
the wide world of 2.9s.


Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 10:02:45 -0700
From: john yee <>
Subject: Re: 2.9 gets tinkered with

Adam, did you do all the exhaust and intake port work yourself?
Or had a shop do it?

Also, what specifically did you do to raise the fuel pressure to 45 lbs?

Did you also do the MAF thing refered to in ?

I've really enjoyed this buildup over that last year or so. Nice work.


Adam McLaughlin wrote:

> I honestly can't wait until after I pass smog. I have some vacation days lined up
> after that, and I am going to spend them over/under the little chop top bronco 2,
> getting taht cam in. Can't wait, can't wait.
> I drive my 2.9 fast when I need to, like getting to school on time, and so forth. I
> don't rev the engine past three thousand RPM, however. It handles like a bullet to 45
> MPH, and then things start to slow down a little. I am hoping that the cam will wake
> up her near that speed along with increasing some torque.
> I got the 260/272 degree cam, where the stock is 252/252. Just a bump above stock,
> still keeping me california smog legal as well as giving me the low end torque that I
> love for 4 wheeling.
> I am sure that a V8 would outperform her, but I stay with the 2.9 at the moment
> because I have WAY too much money into it, and they are easily locatable at the local
> junk yards. I see four at All Trucks, and two at Penngrove Auto wreckers, ever engine
> being under $800.
> Everyone knows, when you are a college kid, money matters!!
> Adam
> wish wrote:
> > >For that comment, you deserve a ride!! Then you'll see why the CA4WD wants me
> > to
> > >get a roll cage and five point harnesses.
> > >
> >
> > Hahahaha ... you mean its not just 'cause its an SUV ?  :)
> >
> > >I gassed her up tonight before responding to this email. I get 19 MPG in the
> > city,
> > >and 23 in the highway.
> > >
> >
> > Wow, that's great ... manual tranny I take it ?
> >
> > >Completely new EFI system. Every sensor or controller has been replaced.
> > >I cut the air box off, and stuck a K and N cone on the end of that. There is
> > a 58
> > >MM throttle body on the upper intake, and the lower intake has beed ported
> > to the
> > >heads. The fuel rail pressure is raised to 45 PSI, and the injectors are ADS
> > Super
> > >Injectors for a higher flow rate. The coil is a MSD Blaster. The ignition system
> > is
> > >a MSD 6A, wires being MSD Super Conductors, and the plugs champion truck plugs.
> > The
> > >heads have been rebuilt, and the exhaust ports have been machines to match
> > the JBA
> > >headers bolted onto them. The JBA headers feed down to a Flowmaster Series
> > 50
> > >muffler, which exists through a 2.5" pipe. The computer chip has been reprogramed
> >
> > >to accompany all of this stuff via James Duff. The radioator is from a 4.0
> > Super
> > >Cool, with an electric fan bolted on to it. Dual Friction Centerforce clutch,
> > and a
> > >whole lot of new stuff.
> > >
> >
> > Sweet ... confirms the manual tranny thing too :)  I may have to save that list
> > for when a couple of my friends decide to rebuild their motors :)
> >
> > I drove a stock 2.9L 5spd. that had a lifter tick in it and it was a blast ...
> > so I know they're a lot of fun and with a little skill can be driven quickly,
> > but since my heart still lies in nice fast corners its hard to convince myself
> > to play with something that has a center of gravity that high with a narrow
> > track width :)
> >
> > Just my $.02
> > wish
> >
> > 96 Mustang GT 5spd 4.6L
> > 73ish 1/2ton 4x4   6.4L
> >
> >
> > Ford Truck Enthusiasts
> >
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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 21:15:56 +0100
From: Adam McLaughlin <>
Subject: the wide world of 2.9s.

Ho John,

john yee wrote:

> Adam, did you do all the exhaust and intake port work yourself?
> Or had a shop do it?

I did all of the exhaust work myself, since they wanted $300 to weld the JBA output to the
input of the catalytic convertor. No way man!! I even extracted the eight frozen bolts
myself, taking two days and a few reverse threaded drill bits.

Port work was done at a local Pro-Ford shop that understands honda whipping performance.
There were actually a couple of shops that were into the big tip syndrome that the imports
are in to right now. Sheesh.

> Also, what specifically did you do to raise the fuel pressure to 45 lbs?

Get teh buick fuel pressure regulator that looks *almost* identical to the stock ford one.
The lower O ring on the buick regulator needs to be replaced with a slightly smaller one,
like used on the stock ford regulator. I know there is a better way to do this, but I just
cleaned and swapped the o rings. Result, perfect fit!!

At the same time, I replaced both fuel filters on the bronco, there are two of them!! I
also replaced the high pressure pump with a brand new one, since it burned up a relay and
fuseable link and was making odd clicking noises.

> Did you also do the MAF thing refered to in
> ?

No, I have not. I found out about taht after I had my computer reprogammed for $300, so I
didn't see why I should spring for a new computer and sensors to try something different.

Pat Kunz 2.9 are nearly identical, except his is "bluer". Mine has only the water pumnp
painted. It's going to come off real soon when I have to get to that timing chain.

He doesn't have a cam that I know of, so we will have to see what is what after I get mine
in. He does tale his a lot higher than I do, though. I think he revs to 6800 rpm without
problems, but once he went to 8000 rpm and that cost him a ticking lifter.

Once I had a TPS jam the throttle at wide open, and I stupidly took it out of gear for a
few seconds. I think the RPM guage pegged at 8000 RPM for a little while, but I had no
casualties. ;-)

The only time the engine has ever been above 3000 RPM. Lousy TPS sensors....


> I've really enjoyed this buildup over that last year or so. Nice work.
> -john


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