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perf-list Digest Sun, 15 Oct 2000 Volume: 2000  Issue: 154

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FE questions
Re: 2.9 gets tinkered with
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'86 Throttle Body


Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 18:29:35 -0700
From: scott <>
Subject: FE questions

I need to pull my 428 out of my 76 F-250 4x4 and replace the bearings.
Currently I have a Melling RV cam,Mallory dist and coil w/MSD
wires,Heddman headers,dual 21/2 exhaust w/H-pipe,Edelbrock Performer
intake w/750 edelbrock carb and 10.5-1 compression.
While I have it apart I would like to do a few other things like
improve the oiling,add more cam and possibly reduce the compression.
My questions are:
What passages do I open up to improve the oiling?
I currently have a high volume oil pump and have heard that FEs do not
like high volume or high pressure pumps.Am I better of with a standard
 Years ago i had a 428CJ cam in a 390 in this truck it it screamed.
Being as Ford no longer carries the CJ cam I'm thinking Lunati 428CJ
clone cam.Is this a good choice?Does Lunati make a good cam? Has quality
suffered with Holley taking over Lunati?
How about the quality of other aftermarket cams?
How much cam do I need to "bleed off"some compression?
If I get the right cam do I have to lower my compression?
Lower compression pistons are hard to find for a 428 and I don't like
the idea of having them dished.Any other ideas?
Should I just spring for some pistons and be done with it?
I can only run about 25 degrees total advance now or it will ping.
I'm thinking if I lower the compression I can run more timing and
possibly make more power or at least break even.Am I all wet?
If I do lower the compression I'm still putting more cam in it,I miss
a "real"performance cam.........


From: "wish" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 13:30:02 GMT
Subject: Re: 2.9 gets tinkered with

>For that comment, you deserve a ride!! Then you'll see why the CA4WD wants me
>get a roll cage and five point harnesses.

Hahahaha ... you mean its not just 'cause its an SUV ?  :)

>I gassed her up tonight before responding to this email. I get 19 MPG in the
>and 23 in the highway.

Wow, that's great ... manual tranny I take it ?

>Completely new EFI system. Every sensor or controller has been replaced.
>I cut the air box off, and stuck a K and N cone on the end of that. There is
a 58
>MM throttle body on the upper intake, and the lower intake has beed ported
to the
>heads. The fuel rail pressure is raised to 45 PSI, and the injectors are ADS
>Injectors for a higher flow rate. The coil is a MSD Blaster. The ignition system
>a MSD 6A, wires being MSD Super Conductors, and the plugs champion truck plugs.
>heads have been rebuilt, and the exhaust ports have been machines to match
the JBA
>headers bolted onto them. The JBA headers feed down to a Flowmaster Series
>muffler, which exists through a 2.5" pipe. The computer chip has been reprogramed

>to accompany all of this stuff via James Duff. The radioator is from a 4.0
>Cool, with an electric fan bolted on to it. Dual Friction Centerforce clutch,
and a
>whole lot of new stuff.

Sweet ... confirms the manual tranny thing too :)  I may have to save that list
for when a couple of my friends decide to rebuild their motors :)

I drove a stock 2.9L 5spd. that had a lifter tick in it and it was a blast ...
so I know they're a lot of fun and with a little skill can be driven quickly,
but since my heart still lies in nice fast corners its hard to convince myself
to play with something that has a center of gravity that high with a narrow
track width :)

Just my $.02

96 Mustang GT 5spd 4.6L
73ish 1/2ton 4x4   6.4L

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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 23:47:29 -0400
From: J Cope <>
Subject: '86 Throttle Body

I know the TBs off of the '86 BIIs were a little bigger than the '88 that I
have, but I'm having a horrible time trying to find one.  The one local
junkyard that I tried was no help, and neither was or  If anyone knows where I can find one, that would be great.
Thanks in advance!

10k tow hooks
40ch CB
Light bar
Headlight Stone Guards
30x9.5 BFG A/T TA KOs


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