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Messages posted in Performance, Hot-Rodding and General Engine Building
"RE: 302 compared to 302 HO"
Posted by Reuel on 10/09/2000 11:48:02

Messages posted in Inline Six
"RE: MSD or Jacobs"
Posted by fordsrus on 10/09/2000 12:59:25

"85 f-150 4x4 w/ a blown 300 i-6"
Posted by geno10 on 10/09/2000 15:16:56

Posted by rlbertrand on 10/09/2000 16:40:11

"RE: swapping"
Posted by billyb on 10/09/2000 18:28:03

Messages posted in 385 Series - 370/385/429/460 big blocks
"86 F250 with 460 HELP!!!"
Posted by nigmakiller on 10/09/2000 13:59:18

"RE: Hard starting"
Posted by nigmakiller on 10/09/2000 14:05:21

"Engine decisions..."
Posted by hpguy on 10/09/2000 17:27:46

"RE: Engine decisions..."
Posted by Nathan on 10/09/2000 20:23:16

Messages posted in 351M/400
"RE: 351M vs 400M Swap"
Posted by Nathan on 10/09/2000 20:15:10

Messages posted in 4.6/5.4L Modular V8
"RE: 5.4 RECALL Idle vibration "
Posted by rjj on 10/09/2000 19:54:18


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