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From: (perf-list-digest)
Subject: perf-list-digest V3 #13
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perf-list-digest Sunday, January 16 2000 Volume 03 : Number 013

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Re: FTE Perf - 351w MPG?
Re: FTE Perf - 351w MPG?
FTE Perf - tranny
FTE Perf - firing order needed



Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 16:10:52 -0800
From: "James Draughn">
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - 351w MPG?

The 351w is in a 79 E150 1/2 Van. I just drove from Utah down to
southern California and back, and the mileage just sucked, it took about
130.00 dollers in gas each way, with gas costing about 1.50 average a
gallon. It does have a RV cam in it, but just a 2 barrel carb.
Just as a side note, it dawned on me while I was getting such bad
mileage. It's because my van was so loaded. 6 People, camping gear, tons
of clothing, blankets and food. Plus the speaker box which holds my 18"
subwoofer which weighs about 150lbs.
My van weighed SO much in fact, that when I got back to the town right
below I live, 4 of the 5 studs that hold my right rear tire on all snapped
off. I am VERY lucky that it din't happen somewhere else between the 1400
miles of round trip that I took. When the big flatbed tow truck came to tow
my van, the front of his truck lifted up about 2 feet as he was pulling the
van onto his truck. He said he had lifted many a forklift and that had never
happened. Now I know one of the reasons why they make 3/4 and 1 ton trucks
and vans.

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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 14:36:16 -0800 (PST)
From: Bill>
Subject: Re: FTE Perf - 351w MPG?

Of course this will be of no encouragement... Just got my 1970 351W
back from the speed shop.. first 2 tanks I averaged 9.2mpg.. 'course
the cam aint stock (214/224 duration, 472/496 lift), the engine is
tight (230 miles) and I am running a C4 with 3.25 gears and 28.5 inch
tall tires.. (sure hope it gets some better, but that might be the
price I pay for the power I wanted)...:-)

Bill in Texas (on my way to Mobile, AL)
'64 F100 shortbox, ('70 351W, '76 C4)

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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 18:59:20 -0600
From: "Joel Thomas">
Subject: FTE Perf - tranny

I have a T-18 in my 84 F-150 4x4
the shifter just flopped over today I was shifting
in reverse and it just fell over and now you can't change gears and it is
pointed at the passenger now, is this easy to fix and if it needs a rebuild
would it be that hard to swap in a C-6?

can I get some information about the c-6 swap from someone??


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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 17:11:56 -0800
From: able office machines>
Subject: FTE Perf - firing order needed

i know i should have wrote it down..
need firing order and rotation for a Ford Ranger
1987 2.9 liter pickup...


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