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Subject: perf-list-digest V3 #1
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perf-list-digest Monday, January 3 2000 Volume 03 : Number 001

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FTE Perf - Injection Schemes



Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2000 19:03:56 -0800
From: Adam McLaughlin>
Subject: FTE Perf - Injection Schemes

Fuel Injection gurus, your advice please!

I have a rebuilt 2.9, using World Heads, an MSD 6A, MSD Super Conductor
Wires, Blaster 2 coil, Champion Truck plugs and a James Duff Power Chip.
The motor breathes through Flowmaster series 50 muffler and a K and N
intake. The EFI system is rebuilt with all new components, and the self
test goes 1 1. (All test good!) I use synthetic oil everywhere.

I am looking at the ADS Super Injectors that Summit sells for the 2.9.
For $379, they have a new set of Injectors that are supposed to be "all
that". Their ad claims more precise fuel metering, and far less fuel

I am currently running on a new fuel system. New pumps (Both of them), a
new filter, and a new fuel pressure regulator on the fuel manifold.

I was wondering about instaling these in my motor. Has anyone got any
experience with them? Does anyone know enough about the EFI fuel
Injection system to tell me if I would be wasting my money?

I would like some more goodies for the little V-6, but for $379 I would
like some advice ahead of time about what I would see. Someone told me
that the power chip and MSD 6 would wash the new injectors out, but I
would like to hear what you all have to say.

Any comments welcome!


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