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perf-list-digest Thursday, November 18 1999 Volume 02 : Number 297

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re: FTE Perf - ADMIN: Don't post your chain letters and urban



Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 10:55:52 -0500
Subject: re: FTE Perf - ADMIN: Don't post your chain letters and urban

> Let's see, how did that line go in the movie Stripes, "Lighten up Francis."

Deal with 300+ emails a day, do it for three years, and then suddenly
deal with enormous numbers of bounces because of the posting and
all the people on the distribution list doing a reply-to-all. Then
spend $6,000-$10,000/year of your personal money doing it. If you
can do that, over, over, over, and over yet again, and not get just
a wee bit upset, then you're a better man than I. Considering how
often it happens, I think I handle myself quite well.

> I agree that these "gullibility viruses" are annoying as hell. I've put up
> with them for almost 10 years.

Its gotten far worse. I get at least 3-4 per day. The lists get
hit 3-4 times per month. In the 80s, I NEVER had this happen.
Then again, 99% of the sites where ARPA or education sites (if you
can really call FTP and GOPHER "sites") and the users had lots more
net savy.

> But you will have new users who wont no about
> this little rule, and current uses that either wont see this, oh so kind
> message, that will surely make the evidently fatal mistake of sending one of
> these out to your lists. And when, not IF, they do I would hope that da
> fuhrer wouldn't take them out back and shoot the for their first mistake.

You, like everyone else, received a welcome message when you
subscribed. I'll post it here as a reminder to everyone:

Welcome to the ............. mailing list!

Please save this message for future reference. Thank you.
Please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the
web site before posting messages to the list. The FAQ also
contains removal instructions.
The FAQ can be found at:
************************************************************ from the FAQ:

Do not post messages warning about email viruses! It is the
personal responsibility of individuals to protect their system
against viruses. Most email virus warnings are bogus and have
no basis in reality. Such postings are off-topic and do not
belong on a mailing list with thousands of participants and
will cause you to get immediately unsubscribed.

Everyone has been given FAIR WARNING. My administrative post
to the lists was a reminder. Your response shows that you
probably didn't bother to read the FAQ. Between my job and the
web site/mailing lists, I spent 80+ hours a week working.
Should I have to bear the burden of responsibility for another
user's laziness?

> There are a number of sites that list these messages. Try writing a filter
> that looks for a substring in commonly known "gullibility viruses" and dumps
> them before they hit the list. It might work a bit better than threatening
> your users.

I'll write the Perl filters if you volunteer to handle telling
the users why they mail didn't show up on the lists when they
complain about it. Deal? (suddenly it gets quiet)

In the future, please don't play list cop with sarcastic replies
to administrative posts if you haven't bothered to read the FAQ.

Ken Payne
== FTE: Uns*bscribe and posting info


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