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perf-list-digest Saturday, October 2 1999 Volume 02 : Number 253

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FTE Perf - OK here goes...
Re: [FTE Perf - Saftey/Mechanic Burns]



Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 14:40:05 -0700
From: "Bill Beyer"
Subject: FTE Perf - OK here goes...

Got the cleaned & painted 335 block & lower end back from the machine shop
today. 9:1 flat top cast Ohio pistons mounted on orig. rods (resized top &
bottom), new flexplate (there's that term again!) & harmonic bal. all
balanced with the 400 crank I got on eBay for $65 (it got a clean bill of
health from the machinist). I had him clean & re-polish it after I ground
the lead in grooves on the mains. Cylinders bored & honed to .020, new
Clevite 77 cam & rod bearings, Fed. Mogul mains, assy. lube and .001-.003
plastigauge. Gonna get the engine on the stand tonight and get it washed
good tomorrow. Any input on reassembling the lower end is welcome. I've done
it several times before but it's been quite awhile. I do have the factory
shop manual as well as the Tom Monroe book. Wish me luck!

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, riddle them with bullets"

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Date: 1 Oct 99 22:56:34 EDT
From: Tim Turner
Subject: Re: [FTE Perf - Saftey/Mechanic Burns]

"Marvin Meyer" wrote:

> After reading this one in paper, thought I'd pass on. Local Mechanic ca=
> fire, severely burned while pouring gasoline down carburetor.

I hate it for my brother in arms (er... wrenches rather) but... Dumb Ass!=

> Well, I've had it happen,

So have I. ;-)

> just try not to stop the starter,keep it
> rolling over and the vac in the intake tract will draw flames inward. =

Always my first defense! When that doesn't work I get annoyed and go to =
air hose with a blower (obviously not available under the shade tree) if =
doesn't work then it's on to the extinquisher and the ensuing mess. The =
couple fires scare the crap outta you but after a few more when you hear =
'barking dog' sound (Woof!) you just say a cuss word and put it out. I'l=
admit that I've learned to always locate the fire extinquishers right awa=
whenever changing jobs or locations... It's a helpless feeling to be sear=
for one while the flames go on. =

Always interesting if the customer happens to be right there and is frea=
out while you calmly grab whatever's nearby and handle it. We had one a =
or so ago that Richard had the fuel lines off during an injection cleanin=
g and
the fuel regulator happened to be leaking... WOOF! He's new to the shop=
doesn't know where the Heck the Ex's are.. I grab one but it's a dud! =

CRAAAAAPPP! Nice flames and in the first bay where customers have a nice=
through the window with open fuel lines and a closed and pressurized cont=
of flammable solvent hanging from the hood. (I'm starting to freak a bit=

here.. been a while since I've caught one and I'm eying the lines to the =
and the hose to the cleaner.. ) Rodney comes charging over from th=
other end of the shop with another extinquisher and it's over. (Whew..
sometimes it's nice to have a former VFD at the shop.)

> Better yet, pour down when not turning over, then attempt to start.

Quite so. With the availibilty of aerosol cans of things that a car will=
on (carb cleaner, starting fluid, propane etc.) pouring straight gas is a=
choice unless it's forced on you by circumstances.

On a somewhat related note... never look into a carburetor when snapping=
throttle. If it backfires you WILL lose some hair or worse in the fireba=
ll. =

Been there, done that.. thought I was far enough to the side but I wasnt;=

takes a little while for eyebrows and lashes to regrow and it's fun getti=
your hair cut to match your now short on one side hair. ;-)

> =

> =

> =

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